Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I believe the NYC 6-6-06 race is canceled

Uhm. The NYC 6-6-06 alleycat is no more. But there are a butt load of scrambles throughout the world to make everyone happy including Damien.

More info on this to come.

June is coming

So, if you thought May (Bike Month) was chalk full of events, wait till you see June...

In NYC, June 4th (Sunday) is the 2nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn, hosted by Transportation Alternatives...This year promises to be a better route.

2nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn
Sunday June 4th, 2006

Check-in: 8 am
Line-up: 9 am
Ride: 9:30 am

We ride rain or shine!

Join hundreds of friends and neighbors for the 2nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn. The Tour kicks off from Herbert Von King Park (formerly known as Tompkins Park) in Bed-Stuy. The 18 mile route will take you through scenic Brooklyn neighborhoods to the tip of Greenpoint, and follow along the waterfront (featuring many portions of the planned Brooklyn Greenway Waterfront), down to DUMBO and Red Hook, returning to Herbert Von King Park.

If you've never visited Herbert Von King Park before, join our feeder rides, leaving from Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park and Cadman Plaza near the Brooklyn Bridge. Both rides will depart promptly at 7:45, arriving at Herbert Von King Park by 8:15. Safety marshals will be provided by both. See "Getting There" for more details.

This is a family friendly ride at a leisurely pace, escorted by the police and safety marshals. There will be one rest stop along the way where you can take a break, check out the scenery and grab a complimentary snack.

Watch a movie from last year
Video from Bike TV

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good article on May Critical Mass...

Picture of "plain clothes" police video taping bike riders on May Critical Mass in NYC.

Will of onny turf

writes a great account of the NYC May Critical Mass...

the article
Meanwhile in Canada, the same shit is happening to their critical mass in Winnipeg

Melanie Howe wrote:

"On Friday another 5 people were arrested, and 3 more detained without
charges. At least three of those cyclists were assaulted by officers,
including one plain-clothed officer who did not identify himself.
Luckily we're receiving better media coverage than the last time."

Article in Winnipeg Sun

Sat, May 27, 2006
Cops haul in bike activists
Monthly ride gets ugly
A bike ride through the streets of downtown Winnipeg ended in chaos and arrests yesterday.

Members of Critical Mass Winnipeg -- an activist group that promotes bicycle use over automobiles -- claim police used excessive force when several cyclists were arrested near the provincial legislature.

Police followed approximately 50 cyclists -- many dressed in costumes in what was apparently a display of self-expression -- along their route before trying to arrest some members near the corner of Donald Street and Broadway around 5:30 p.m.

Melanie Howe, who was taking part in the monthly bike ride, said she wasn't sure how everything started. Earlier, police stopped traffic at the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street so the cyclists could proceed.

"I saw several cops chase after this bicyclist and grab him in a headlock from the back," said Howe, who wore fairy wings and antennae. "I saw one fellow with a cop's knee on his head; he was being pressed to the ground."


Shaun Martin said police and some of his fellow cyclists were jawing at one another before all hell broke loose.

"People started arguing with the cops. There's some anti-establishment sentiment going on here. I guess some guys got aggressive and things got out of hand," he said. "It was just crazy. Absolutely crazy."

Police Insp. Steve Pilote said five adults were arrested in total and face traffic-related charges in addition to possible charges stemming from the scuffle that broke out.

Critical Mass members, who gathered outside the Public Safety Building following the arrests, said some cyclists were injured and one might have suffered a broken leg but Pilote said any injuries were relatively minor.

"I don't know of anybody that has any injuries that were of any consequence," he said. "I would expect there might be some scrapes and bumps on both sides but nobody went to the hospital or anything like that."

Several Critical Mass members were arrested earlier this month for allegedly disrupting traffic to protest Operation Charging Bison, a military exercise that took place in Winnipeg.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pervert's Invitation...2nd Day of Triple Crown.

Mike Dee fixes his wheel in Malcom X park in DC

I went down to our Nation's capitol to check out their race scene and stumbled on to the most perverted alleycat race of all. It was the second leg of the Triple Crown, a three day, three city tour with the ghetto streets of Baltimore for the start, then DC and finishing on Memorial Day in Richmond Virgina. DC is a great place to race, wide streets, lots of space to roam, government employees to dodge and tons of cops, who pretty much leave the bikers alone unless there is a protest and they have 8 divisions of bike cops. Yesterday was the perverts invitational, not a race of speed but more of a scavenger hunt with pornographic checkpoints scattered throughout the city. The manifest was made up of two pages, one had the locations and the other held the info on the bonus points. Here we knew we were in for a treat when it said extra points would be awarded for those who had the most porn in their bag and you scored big if you teabaged won of the checkpoint workers. We all met in Malcom X park on the hill and signed in.
People before the Race.
I was just along to video tape the event and thought I would just shoot the start and then ride to the finish. Once I heard that it was meant to be a more slow pace I decided to tag along with one of the riders, just to see how far I could get, while riding in a foreign city and shooting video with one hand. I talked with the winner of the Ghetto Blaster race the previous day in Baltimore. Andrew was a working courier in his hometown and managed to win the race despite racial tensions, paintball attacks and bottles thrown. He said Baltimore was a real bitch, not the usual streets he works in but the outskirts. People wanted to finish that race before dark, but it didn't start till 6:00pm, so that meant hurry.
Dan G helps out Baltimore out-of-towner.

Dan Gordon was DC's local favorite, although he denied it, many out of towners were looking to follow his wheel. Dan had won best out of towner and a phat bag in Baltimore and was happy to be back in DC for this event. Then there was Andy Zalin and Reed who were also DC natives and top contenders to take it all. I followed Mike Dee from NYC and Andrew who won in Baltimore to stick with an out of town posse. Lucky for my slow ass, this was a "slower-take-your-time-and-complete-all-the-checkpoints-in-order," race. I think we hit about every hill in the city on our quest to find these checkpoints. We got lost, a lot and had to ask people for directions constantly.
Hanging out at the Quarry House Checkpoint after bobbing for tampons.

The checkpoints were great. Strip clubs, having to suck a popcicle through the glory hole, bobbing for tampons...yikes and making it with sex toys and Blow up dolls...extra points were awarded for style. All of this was designed to see who was the nasty dirtiest guy and girl in town. We finished all the checkpoints in about 2 hours, close to last, but had a great time. I heard stories that several checkpoint workers were sucessfully Tbaged including a brillant stealth attack by Mike Dee at our last checkpoint. DC knows how to put on a fun race.
3rd place girl

I forget the name of the 3rd place girl, but Kym from NYC got 2nd and Meredith got first.
Kym, second.

Meredith, 1st place girl

For the men Andy Z got 3rd, Dan G was 2nd and Reed was 1st, winning a giant dildo, the "Manhandler" and a Surly track frame. Many of the riders on on to Richmond...Good Luck
Reed wins the Man Handler

More photos at: pics

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Lost Viking at Critical Mass-Tonight

So, I am working and not at the Bike Month Critical Mass. But our favorite Lost Viking is going to call me with updates: There he is now...


400 people at Union Square,

8 scooter cops and 2 golf carts.

Wide variety of cyclists from BMX, lots of Grey Haired bicyclists, with smolka mobiles on their heads, a 7 year old is on the ride. So wide variety of age groups. Some people are wearing their "Smolka Polka" T-shirts that Team Spider made for the Revelocity party.

Check back later for updates
Ride leaves Union Square North and heads downtown (Broadway) Same as last month. 12 Scooter cops escort alongside the left side. A firetruck is trying to get through. How weird and ironic that there is an emergency situation needing a fire truck right when the critical mass leaves...what a whacky coincidence. I mean if there REALLY was a situation and I were a fire truck, would you pick a route with 400 cyclists on it?
"First Trap has sprung!"

15 Scooter cops came up the wrong way on Broadway (illegal motor vehicle move, endangering people) and trapped the ride, began ticketing people at 8th and Broadway.

People at 8th and Broadway got really bizarre tickets. Told by police that they are being stopped and ticketed for being in the middle of the street...hmmm, I thought you were supposed to ride your bike in the street. Anyway, ticket says...bikes were more than 2 abreast, which legally we have found to be a ridiculous charge. People being ticketed were told to stay in the middle of the street while being written the bogus offense. Tourist from Amsterdam got ticket on his first critical mass, now he has a court date and is leaving the country in a week...welcome to NYC.

More ticketing activity on 22nd and 6th, Ride is broken up and heading up 6th Ave.

Chris stayed at 8th and Broadway and just saw a bunch of scooter cops cross broadway heading over to 6th Ave. Activity. Scooter cops being tailed by 5 cops cars. Another good use of our finest officers and our precious tax resources. I'm sure this is the most important crime going on right now.

Beth O'Brien, bike enthusiast, is helping me edit this from a lighting truck in the middle of Long Island City, but the crew got Sushi tonight, so thats ok.

Sounds like there is a reconvene at Columbus Circle, the lost viking is living up to his name...he is somewhere in Alphabet city with a two straglers eating seaweed appetite suppressents...Lost Viking has a hunger for justice.
Passing 50 fleetweek sailors including one woman in bikini in front of Webster Hall, way to stay focused...Lost Viking. He is hoping ride makes its way downtown

Someone at Columbus Circle reported about 1/2 the ride is there (200 or so) This spot was listed on the spoke card, distrubted at Union Square...they are waiting for more people to show...

People have left Columbus Circle, about 150 or so. Some were afraid to leave because of being completely surrounded. Cops chased people into Central Park.

Meanwhile the lost viking followed a bunch of scooter cops headed to Time's Square to set an ambush. This is nothing unusual, the cops always think the riders are going to go to Time's Square, like its our Medina!

At Columbus Circle a woman with a bike was buying ice cream from a truck. She was slightly in the street, police arrested her.


A Group of about 60 people were riding single file in one lane down 5th Ave. An unmarked black SUV stopped the ride around 42nd and 5th, infront of the New York Public Library. The riders were held until scooter cops arrived and began a ticket frenzy. One woman got 3 tickets. One guy had recieved a ticket earlier for not having a head lamp. At the Library he was issued another ticket for no light...He pleaded with the cops and said, what am I supposed to do...go to a bike shop and get a lamp. He was rewarded with two more tickets. Some people were given tickets for being too far to the right, some people were given tickets for being two far left. Let's can't be in the middle of the street, you can't be to the left and you can't be to the right....hmmmm. Oh I just figured it out. THESE TICKETS ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT issued by a police force with little instruction about what is going on other than to just give out tickets regardless of logic. After all, people will still have to appear in court, losing a day of work to plead their case and be less likely to attend the next ride. I think the word for this is HARASSMENT!


Got a report that around 40th and Broadway a woman was doored by a cop car while in motion. She was in the bike lane. She face planted and broke her colar bone. There is credible evidence that entire incident was witnessed.


New reports caught on video...At Columbus Circle people were chanting: "Domestic spying" as 4 undercovers were violating the Hanshu agreement and video taping people not engaged in unlawful activity.

Also there is a report that cops went into a crowd of 70 people at Columbus Circle and targeted people. The stopped one woman who did not have id and arrested her.

Well, people are at 49 East Houston reviewing their video tape and recapping the bizarre night.

Special note to all...this was a loose experiment for me to report on critical mass from people on the ride. Some of the information was witnessed by people, some was video taped, some was rumors heard from other people at other locations.
Take it as a rough account of what went down. I will try and confirm what happened tonight. If people know different, please let me know.

Velo love forever!

Memorial Ride video and Saturday screening.

Andrew Lynn, one of the producer/directors of Still we ride posted this message:

Hi bike movie people...

i wanted to let everyone know that a short video (4 min.) i put together
documenting the NYC memorial ride recently played at the bicycle film
festival here in NYC, and now it is up online.

you can watch it here:
The video
the quality of the compressed file is not really spectacular...
however, i know there are a lot of screenings being organized around bike
months and bike weeks and bike summers and bikes in general, so if people
are interested in screening this short on DVD format, email me at ... the DVD also comes with a 30-second
anti-dooring public service announcement - great for public access
watch 'doored' here:
Doored Video

ride bikes & make movies !!

andrew lynn.
There are some bike movies at the 11th annual Lower East Side Arts Festival at the Theatre of the New City...155 1st ave. between 9th and 10th St. In the East Village, NYC.

Here is the Saturday, May 27th schedule of all in one day!!!





Please note - Schedule Subject to change.

Directed by Jim Jarmusch, 1980, 75 min

Directed by Gary Brackett, 2006, 17 min

Directed by Henry Chalfant, 2004, 54 min

Directed by Jack Waters (IN PERSON), 1983, 15 min

Directed by Lizzie Borden, 1983, 90 min

by Interactivist Collective, 2000, 5 min

Directed by Elizabeth Press , Andrew Lynn (IN PERSON) and Chris Ryan, 2005, 37 minutes

Directed by Chris Ryan, 2006 22minutes

by Newsreel collective

members Ben Morea and Osha Neumann (IN PERSON), 1968, 15 min

Directed by Robert Kramer, 1969, 134 min

Directed by Tung-Wang Wu, 2005 15 minutes

Directed by John Catania and Charles Ignacio (IN PERSON), 2005, 90 min

Directed by Henry Griffin, 2004 15 min

Directed by Clayton Patterson (IN PERSON), 1987 77 min

Its never too late...

Tod Seelie rocks! He put up some pictures of this Years Bicycle Film Festival on his Blog

Check out more here

Thanks to all who made Bike Month so Rad.

pictures of Joey's Parade

Fritz Askew has put up some nice photos of the Hungry March Band lead Feast for Joey...Check it.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tomorrow is Critical Mass...

This is the bike month Critical Mass...come out come out where ever you are...

In other news...

I finally got some pictures up from last weekend...

Amy's photo show
Superhero alleycat
Revelocity Party

and Carlos does it again with another video from last Saturday.

Superheros Race

This Saturday in NYC...Black Label Bicycle Club Bash

and in Baltimore, DC and Richmond VA...the triple crown alleycat race bonanza...

Start out in Baltimore at 3:00pm and then follow as you go...Three city tour, three different days.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It was another great weekend for bike culture

Photo show, Superhero alleycat, drinking, fights, huge fundraiser party, blurry ride home with bike activists and mutant bikes...sleep.

I am way behind in posts. For now check out this video I made about last weeks Bridge Battle 2.

mess nyc

Friday, May 19, 2006

Feast for Joey and other happenings.

Today is Joey Ramones birthday and my good friends the Hungry March Band are throwing a parade.

Here is info off Jeff Stark's Nonsense list a great list for weekly happenings in NYC...

The Feast of St. Joey

In case you haven't heard, Friday, May 19 is Joey Ramone's birthday,
and for the sake of all New York (and possibly the world), we will be
paying him the homage that his spirit so richly deserves.

It's not too late to get involved: We still need people to help carry
the Joey giglio from Tompkins to CB's, to participate in the Zippy
the Pinhead look-alike contest, and to bring gifts to appease the
spirit of our favorite late punkrocker.

The exact details are still being finalized, but the whole day will
look something like this:

1. Meet around 11:30a in Forest Hills, Queens for the pilgrimage, on
foot, from the original Rock and Roll High School into Manhattan. Be
prepared to tell stories of punkrock glory (real or imagined) and to
participate in whatever games we come up with along the way.

2. At 7p, the Hungry March Band and friends will be making a
procession from Tompkins Square Park, snaking through the East
Village, and ending up at CB's Gallery. For this we need more hands
to carry the giglio. We also need people to bring offerings of
flowers (real or fake), liquor, cigarettes, or other small things
that represent something that you really care about.

3. Party and potluck dinner at CB's Gallery starting at 8p, featuring
the Hungry March Band, the Ramoones, and Deva, as well as a Ramones
cover open mike. Please write to Sara Valentine
( in advance to sign up yourself and your
Carbona-sniffing friends to play whatever Ramones song you know.
We'll also be giving the winner of the Zippy the Pinhead look-alike
contest a yummy award. $5 if you bring food or $10 without.

And why do we do this?

In the five long years since Joey Ramone left home, our city has been
afflicted by grave misfortune: mass carnage, regional blackout,
crippling strike, Republicans! Clearly something is amiss. That's why
the Hungry March Band has decided to undertake the first ever Feast
of St. Joey on his birthday..

Tompkins Square Park
Avenue A and 7th Street, Manhattan
7p; $free

CBs Gallery
313 Bowery, Manhattan
8p; $5-10
Amy Bolger takes great pictures of Messengers and Bikers...she is having a show...The idea is that you go to the exhibit and then a group ride over to the Superhero race...Fun Fun Fun. Saturday May 20th. Check flyer for details.

B for Bicycles

Next Friday is Critical Mass. I'll make my plea here. The foolish behavior by the city and the NYPD to stop this ride from happening is not only a serious waste of our tax dollars it is also an offense to our basic freedoms. Therefore I suggest the following: 1) come to this ride and participate...This is not just bike rider's issues. This is about how the city reacts when we decide to have an event that is for the people. It is supposed to be that we decide what events we want and the police figure out how best to facilitate our wishes. 299 other cities across the globe seem to be able to figure out this basic principle...but then again we aren't supposed to have the government wiretaping our phone calls or trying to pass legislation to read our emails. So May is bike month...This Critical Mass should be huge.
2) if you don't feel like riding your bike, come to Union Square anyway and support the ride. Lets make the numbers big. Come for 5 minutes. just cheer on the riders.

Bike Month Critical Mass
May 26th, Friday
Union Square North-7:00pm

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Article from Village Voice about Garden Parade


Call Any Vegetable
Article by: Silke Tudor
Published May 16th, 2006
Villagevoice NYC Life section
Photographs by Tod Seelie

The weatherman threatened the city with rain on Saturday but there seems little menace in the featherweight clouds shuffling across the pale May sky. Eventually, the growing heat of the afternoon sun coerces me into Tompkins Square Park, where I sprawl out on a newborn patch of green amid the usual splay of warm-weather humanity: gutter punks rolling cheap tobacco under the trees; neo-folkies twiddling guitars, drums, and Hacky Sacks; rambunctious schoolgirls practicing for dance squad; old men playing chess; young men playing Frisbee; dog walkers of every shape, size, color, and temperament; and sallow street prophets murmuring stories about abduction, redemption, and psoriasis. Before I am able to lament the absence of my favorite one-man band, a giant sunflower lopes across the park, followed by a bright pink faerie carrying a hula hoop, and a large brown-and-red pinstriped bird on a skateboard.
"What's that?" asks an eager young parent, pointing at a large gray insect with long papier-mache' pincers.

"A bug," sniffs two-year-old Katlin Sasoma, immediately returning her attention to the wide-mouth bottle she is filling with dirt.

Despite her wholehearted lack of interest, a notable crowd begins to gather in the sylvan shade of Tompkins Square: people draped in springtime hues of pink, yellow, blue, lilac, and green, with garlands of flowers in their hair or animal masks on their heads. A stilt walker, dressed like a stripling bird, stretches out and does a precarious little jig. A few pedicabs roll up bearing hand-painted signs and swaths of cloth silk-screened with the Time's Up emblem: A fist growing out of the earth like a tree characterizes the 15-year-old environmental activist group. The pastel wings of a giant gossamer bird are unfurled, revealing the words "More Gardens!," the name of a support group committed to cultivating fallow land in urban environments.

A loose-limbed man with sunlight in his eyes hands me a flyer that reads, "It's a roving garden party! A musical, dancing parade to celebrate our gardens!"

As if on cue, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra strikes up a song, and the people in the growing garden party bob their flowery heads. From amid the throng, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping smiles beatifically.

"We are here to celebrate," explains Time's Up member Ben Shepard as he inadvertently strafes people with his giant cardboard sunflower petals. "Saving half the city's community gardens from development is a victory. There are still more than 60 gardens in danger of development, but today, we can celebrate what we've accomplished."

"Garden-elujah!" bellows Reverend Billy, cutting a dazzling image in his snow-white suit and shellacked blond pompadour.

"Garden-elujah!" the crowd replies, lifting hands in jubilation.

Quick introductory speeches are given by activists, with pleas to support local plots in peril, especially the Harlem community garden encampment currently protecting the Nuevo Esperanza Community Garden, from bulldozers. Despite knowing nods and furrowed brows, the Tompkins Square congregation remains festive.

"Please spare us from being arrested!" entreats Reverend Billy in his high-flying churchly cadence as the crowd begins its procession out of the park, gathering revelers as it goes.

"Seems like a nice way to spend the afternoon," says 21-year-old Simon Wagreich, grabbing his skateboard and his best friend off a nearby bench.

"It's important," says 46-year-old Sonya Pe�a, a striking Dominican woman in a long blue dress and matching sun hat wrapped from head to hem in fresh flowers. "The gardens help those of us who are far from home to feel connected. . . . Being there helps me to feel alive so I want to support the city garden community, to celebrate my love of the city."

Sprites, woodland animals, and an elf in an orange fun-fur vest follow the marching band onto 9th Street. By the time we pass Trinity Garden on Avenue B, the police have arrived.

"If you don't get back on the side-walk you are risking arrest," warns Chuck Reinhardt, whose friendly demeanor and orange-felt armband (marked "Lawyer") provide him with enough authority to gently shunt partygoers out of the street. On the sidewalk, a large cardboard tractor wielded by 29-year-old Daniel Gillmor chases down a human flower.

"There's a lot of power in being the evil guy," snickers Gillmor.

When we reach La Plaza Cultural Armando Perez, the mood is nothing short of jubilant. As at all the gardens, a volunteer offers historical information about the garden and other remarks, giving us time to admire the outdoor sculptures and ample performance space used during La Plaza's much lauded Springfest. We move on, stopping at 7th Street to pay tribute to the fallen Esperanza Garden, which was bulldozed in February 2000 after 31 protesters were arrested.

"There's green space in my soul," sings the heavenly Stop Shopping Choir under the window of the garden's founder, Alicia Torres. After a time, a small Puerto Rican woman with a gold-trimmed tooth leans out of the window.

"Happy Mother's Day!" shouts the crowd.

"I love all of you," says Torres, her eyes glittering. "You are my people. You have to fight. Always."

"Viva Esperanza!" shouts the crowd.

We move past the L.E.S. Ecology Garden Center with its community compost buckets and the Creative Little Garden on 6th and B, where cool, pebble-lined walkways and ivy-covered walls create a jewel-like harbor.

"This garden was established by Fran�oise Cachelin," explains a garden volunteer. "She was a member of the French Resistance during World War II and she ran an underground abortion clinic in New York before abortion was legalized. Protecting and establishing community gardens were her final acts of activism."

"She was also a pioneering squatter in the Lower East Side," adds a man in a crown of flowers. "She homesteaded in a building not far from here until she died."

"La lutte continue," shouts the crowd, repeating her favored phrase, "The struggle continues."

Rude Mechanical Orchestra launches into a marching-band treatment of "The Tide Is High" as we make our way to the endangered Children's Magical Garden on Norfolk and Stanton.

Under the sweet-smelling trees, amid piles of toys and a fleet of Big Wheels, members of the Stop Shopping Choir amuse themselves on teeter-totters while everyone else partakes of free ice cream offered by a bicycle-driven mobile refrigerator.

At the Peach Tree Garden, Aresh Javadi, founder of More Gardens,lifts his wolf's mask and reminds us to "hydrate our heads." Our water break is accompanied by a riotous dance routine by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. Happily watered, we make our way to Le Petit Versailles and Orchard Alley, where we are invited to fruity tea amid fruit trees.

At El Jard�n de Paradiso, we flop down in a sea of tall grass, relishing the musky odor of mushrooms and a full day of arboreal delights. Children young and old leap into the trees, perching in branches and holding court on a tree house platform that overlooks the garden.

"The weatherman told us there would be rain," shouts Reverend Billy, "but the sky decided to bless us and our carnival of gardens with sunlight and a little shade, and at the end of the day, this consoling wind. We are grateful for the mystery and the wisdom of the sky . . . Sky-elujah!"

"Sky-elujah!" shouts the crowd, joining hands for a spiral dance while three police officers stare from the asphalt outside.

Pictures of Andre's Memorial Ride

Here is a link to pictures taken on Sunday's Time's Up Memorial ride for Andre Anderson.

REVELOCITY-Freewheels fundraiser and Party!!!

Come on OUT!

WHAT: A Great Party for a Great Cause!
WHEN: Saturday May 20th, 9:00pm- Very Late
WHERE: Dick Shea's Dance Studios, 69 W. 14th St (@6th Ave)

This Saturday, May 20th, we celebrate the strange and stalwart, the
maligned and mass-ive, the the odd and oft-oppressed. We celebrate
the Bike, in all it's geared and fix-geared glory. We celebrate the
community and culture that evolves and revolves around it. We
celebrate REVELOCITY!

It will be a night of surprises; of special guests; of unexpected
treasures tucked into off-kilter corners. Two stages on two floors,
three bands, four singers, and 6 DJ's spinning it until the sun comes
up. An art auction, inventive installations, brass bands, Bike
Blended beverages, and more that you have yet to imagine. For full
details on the line-up go to

including Paul Brill, Japanther, Roger Manning, SubAtomic Soundsystem,
Team Spider, DJ Chrome, DJ Dirtyfingers, DJ Dr. Feelgood, DJ Kid
Magic, DJ Stefny, and DJ Thaddeus

with work by Rebecca Alvarez, Thomas Beale, Big Noise Films, Black
Label Bicycle Club, Mark Brewer, GlassBead Collective, Taliah Lempert,
Brandon Neubauer, Peripheral Media, Jesse Pesta, Swoon, and Visual

serving up obnoxiously strong cocktails under the stars

customize your clothing with some visual love! bring your own
clothing or buy a t-shirt.

by GlassBead Collective

by C-Spot Designs

At Dick Shea's Dance Studios, 69 West 14th St (at 6th Ave.)
Doors open at 9:00pm.
$10 in advance
$12 at the door.
Buy Tix online at

All proceeds from this event will go towards the legal defense of
Critical Mass Bike Riders in New York City
Bike Blog really really really endorses this event and wants EVERYONE to go...what's happening to cyclists in NYC is not a BIKE RIDER issue it is a direct attack on our basic freedoms. Freewheels are the people who are there for you when you have legal questions, with warm chinese food after you get out of jail and yes...even money to help with legal defense. But more than that, they are dedicated individuals who care about our rights to the road and making this a more healthy and cleaner city to live in.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's the superhero alleycat

If your feeling pumped after the bridge battle it's time to jump into the phone booth or head to the bat cave to don your super powers for the next Alley Cat Race. It's the Superheroes Race--Saturday May 20th. This is a two person team race like in Batman and Robin so now you can wear your tights and not feel out of place. Dress up is encouraged. Villians are ok too. Registration is 2:00pm, race at 3:00. Race start is Fulton Ferry Landing, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. $10.00 for race (per team) and afterparty. $15.00 for race, party and t-shirt.

Here is what the race organizer had to say about the event on bikeforums..."so here's the SUPERSTORY: I have a comic book shop and a bikeshop sponsor, plus bagjack in berlin who will sponsor a NYC superheroes alleycat. The idea and course is pretty much solid: It's solo and teams of two (ambiguously gay duos) who have to hit checkpoints that require particular super powers.. or in somecase require superpowers just to get to the CP.

It's a long, brutal race with CP's that correspond to the real NYC superhero points of interest.

The advantage to racing as a crimefighting team is that only one person has to "Do" the CP. But both have to be present, together. Between the last CP and the Finish is a dead sprint. Only then will you know who is the "superhero" and who is the "sidekick."

If i do it, I'll need to drop a good amount of dough on the CP's & some "special" prizes.
Who is going to show up?
How many of you think you're a superhero?
And more importantly, when do I do this thing?

To me, it's the ultimate alleycat that I would prefer to race and not organize. But it must happen.

Check Ella's Blog for more details.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sunday May 14th...Memorial Ride

Photo of Andre's family, taken on the Time's Up Memorial Ride, by photographer Tod Seelie

Sunday was the Memorial Ride for Andre Anderson. Tod Seelie took photos and wrote about the experience.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Saturday May 13th was also the Garden's Parade

Photos by Philipp Rassmann

Saturday was a beautiful day in NYC for the environment. While hundreds of cyclists were enjoying Bike month with an allocate, film festival and block party, another event was paying homage to the earth. It was the Time's Up Roving Garden Parade with a portable ice cream trike (although it did use fossil fuel) the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and reverend Billy lead a march through the East Village and celebrated the community gardens. Here is a report from Ellen.

"A fabulous time was had by all at the Roving Garden Parade on Saturday. Many people showed up costumed in various flowered, buggy and birdy garb, some on wheels others on feet. The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir kept the procession hopping as we spread the word about the 65 gardens endangered
while visiting those in the East Village that were saved, lost and still threatened by development.

Perhaps the best part was that we proved that we can take to the streets in an un-permitted action sucessfully many of us without our bikes/getaway vehicles and the cops generally allowed us to do it. (with a little griping about one way streets and asking people not on bikes to go back on the sidewalk)

The best innovation of the day was a Free Ice Cream Bike, with a gasoline powered generator and freezer on a cargo bike. The freegans gave out an endless supply of cones and bars to the entire parade and the community. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Times Up Garden Coordinator
More photos of the event by Fritz Askew (this photo by Fritz)

Fred Askew Photography

Tod Seelie of suckapants also has pictures of the Garden's Parade.

One of Tod's Photos

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yesterday, Bridge Battle 2

Yesterday was Awesome. Bridge Battle 2 alleycat over the bridges was well attended and a great event hosted by Mess NYC. A great site for stories and video...soon to be a dvd magazine. Riders battled the bridges in a knock down no holds bar race to see who is the fastest.
Austin Horse won the race from team 4916 and completed all the checkpoints in about 45 minutes.
Ken Stanek was a close second
Hugo Giron was third also from team 4916
Dan G was fourth from team action force/Trackstar
and "the King" Felipe was 5th from team Puma.

The race ended with a glorious track event called "Track-o-Rama" with a vicious footdown, skids, backwards circles and trackstand hosted by NYC's fixed gear culture shop...Trackstar.

My Flickr page has some photos of the days events...videos to come on messnyc very soon...I am editing right now.

Check the NYBMA for a great summary of the events and pictures including...Carlos awesome video.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Other things going on today.

-Bridge Battle Alleycat meets at 23rd and FDR (bandshell) at 1:30pm race around 2:00pm

-Trackstar is throwing a block party/skids competition along with the Bicycle Film Festival-Track-o-Rama.
The alleycat ends there...which will probably take the winning riders about an hour. This is a permited street party.
$5 for the day ($2 with a Bridge Battle spokecard)
Registration opens at 2:00
2nd St. between 1st and 2nd Ave.

-Times up is throwing a roving garden parade in honor of our community gardens. 2:00pm in the center of Tompkin Square Park. Look for the festively dressed people.

-3rd night of the Bicycle Film Festival with lots of great shorts on biking including one I made about Deathrace 2005 alleycat and the Awesome low budget Messenger movie that started it all PEDAL. at 7:00pm

-Time's Up Prospect Park Moonlight ride is also tonight...Meet at 9:00pm at Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn for a nice night time ride of the park.

-After party for all today's events. Darrly-Dane Nau and Blacken presents: Bikeage @ the Delancey, 168 Delancey St. (betwen Clinton and Attorney)
Bicycle Film Festival in association with Tokion Magazine celebrates bike culture and the release party of Peter Sutherland's new book Pedal. Bikeage is an over the top bike party hosted by Darryl-Dane Nau (Shit Hammered) and three of the deadliest Dj's around. Black Label Bike Club's own Dj Dirty Fingers, the one man army of Ted Shred and many more special Djs will be crankin out a mixed cluster of live mixes so be ready to tear up this sleazy decorated dance floor. Watch projected bike videos and throw back free Brahma beer from 9:30-10:30pm. There will be hundreds of giveaways from Puma, Timbuk2 Messenger bags and Smart water and cheep $3 beer all night.

New Info on Sunday's Memorial Ride for Andre

Ok, I was a little unclear...The Mermorial Ride for Andre Anderson is as follows:

Memorial Ride for Andre Anderson
Date: Sunday, May 14th, 2006
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: -Noon: Union Square South
-12:30: Brooklyn-side of Williamsburg Bridge or Grand Army Plaza
-this will be a VERY-FAST-paced ride meeting @ 1:30ish at Thompkins Square Park (the middle)leaving promptly

Summary: The Rides will converge from 3-3:30 pm at the Rockaway Skate Park. (Shore Front Parkway at 91st St...just off the boardwalk).email with questions, info, whatnot

I believe Andre's family will be present and there will be a big Jamacian food picnic afterwards.

Saturday May 13th...what to do?

So much is happening at once. Start your day off with a slam bangin alley cat brought to you by Mess NYC
Bridge Battle 2

Messengers, Fixed gear riders and biker battle it out on NYC's famous bridges...

The battle ends at a Trackstar, Bicycle Film Festival block party...Track-o-Rama

So much going on the good and the tragic

What a crazy weekend so far for bikes!! Wednesday night the 6th annual bicycle film festival kicked off a party at Union Pool in Williamsburg with the bands Aa, Matt and Kim, Home Video. All the heads were representing, riders for Blacklabel, Film makers, messengers...
A flyer for the Sunday's Memorial Ride:

Mother's Day, May 14th, is the memorial ride for Andre Anderson. What happened to Andre is really tragic and sensless.
Here is the Proper text of the press release which explains this unjust situation:

On September 24th 2005, 14 year-old Andre Anderson
was killed on Shore Front Parkway at Beach 77th St. in Far Rockaway, Queens, by Jose Vicens , 23, of Rockaway Beach, Queens, behind the wheel of his Lincoln Navigator. Andre was struck from behind and killed while riding his bike on a neighborhood street near his home a little after six o'clock on a Saturday evening.

The Wave newspaper wrote "Jose Vicens, 23, was behind the wheel of a 2003 Lincoln Navigator last Saturday just after 7 p.m. when he struck Andre Anderson, 14, who was pedaling a bike down the middle of the eastbound lanes near Beach 77 Street, according to police sources. Vicens tried to pass to the right, but the boy swerved into the right hand lane. Vicens countered to the left -- but not in time. Anderson suffered massive head trauma and bleeding. His small bicycle was crushed . […] Vicens remained at the scene until police arrived. He was not issued any violations and is not charged with any crime in connection with the accident. An official police statement said there was no criminality in this incident and that an investigation is ongoing."

According to Jose Vicens's
statement, he saw Andre in time to take not just one evasive maneuver, but two. However, there is no evidence in the police accident report that he applied his brakes ("no skids") or honked his horn to alert the bicyclist of his presence or of his actions. Instead, he tried to pass Andre to the right (!) and then to the left to finally rear-end him and kill him.

You would think, since the car driver was BEHIND the cyclist and acknowledged seeing him, and also since the speed limit is 30 mph and the car driver admitted driving above the speed limit (35 to 40 mph) that he would at least be slapped with something. Think again. Also, there is no proof in any of the police reports that he was administered a Breathalyzer. So, on a nice wide street with no indication of other traffic present (witness statement), a car driver was strangely unable to avoid fatally striking a cyclist, even though, by his own account, he saw the cyclist.

What makes Andre's death more senseless is that the "man" who killed him has never been charged with anything. Instead of rushing towards the front of his car to see if the cyclist he just hit was ok, he rushed towards the back of his car to his friend's SUV who was driving just behind him and who came to his rescue by giving a corroborating statement about young Andre swerving between the lanes. Unfortunately, the statement the police never took is the statement of a witness that puts the blame on the driver, not on the cyclist. Fortunately, that witness came forward and gave her information to the family who has unsuccessfully been trying to press charges.

What makes Andre's death more painful is his killer's utter disrespect for human life. It only takes a little computer savvy to find out a lot about Jose Vicens, thanks to his My Space account: his heavy drinking , his hobby "sending bikers flying in the air" and his feelings " sucks about the paper [The Wave article] and shit, but ya know none of that shit wont matter in 5 years." What is also troubling when you peruse those pages is that some of his friends are Police Officers that seem to be exhibiting the same destructive tendencies and whose My Space account pages are incompatible with the restraint which is expected of them while in uniform.

What makes Andre's death more of a shame is that according to Right of Way ( Andre's death falls into recognizable patterns, in accordance with their year 2000 analysis of cyclist deaths in New York, that Queens District Attorney Richard Brown has shown no interest in investigating Andre's death, and that the DoT has not taken any action to make sure that nobody else dies there by installing speed bumps and traffic lights.

To lose someone so important and valuable because of the recklessness of another person without just consequence is unbearable and unimaginable. Seven months have now past and this tragedy is yet to be thoroughly investigated. The District Attorney's office was informed of the accident the night of the occurrence and decided that there was no criminality to the actions of the driver. How is it possible that a conclusion could be arrived at without having allowed time for the investigation to even begin?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pedicabs Legislation Hearing

Pedicabs Need Your Help Thursday!

In the mid-1990s, Time's Up! helped start the pedicab
business in NYC. Now the pedicabs need your help to
keep this vital form of non-polluting transporation
alive in NYC.

Come and show your support and/or speak out at the
hearing at City Hall tomorrow (Thursday) on the
Department of Consumer Affairs Intro 75 Bill. Let them
know that the legislation should not restrict the
number of pedicabs and where they can go. We need to
pack the room to show that New Yorkers support the
pedicab business and that we want more nonpolluting
transportation in the city!

What: City Council hearing on Pedicab legislation
When: Thursday, May 11, 1:00 p.m.
Where: The main city council chamber at City Hall, on
the 2nd floor. There is a metal detector everyone has
to pass through.

Below are a few of the issues with respect to the
proposed legislation:

1) Eliminates pedicab's right to travel in Central
Park, i.e., just traveling through it; eliminates
pedicab's right to travel across bike lanes on bridges

2) Gives the city the right in the future to restrict
pedicab's presence on certain streets (not yet named),
without community input, possibly interfering with our
right to travel; also pedicabs might see a two minute
time limitation on where pedicabs stop to stand. So
pedicabs would have no place where they could rightly
stop (and does not authorize the creation of waiting

3) Gives the city the right to limit the number of
pedicabs. This could could create an expensive pedicab
medallion trade, which would mean a business could
scoop up all of the permits and take them off the
market or create a market price so high that regular
pedicab people could not afford them

4) Kills off the conference bikes, even for private

Pedicab article in NYTimes

Looks like the Pedicabs are getting closer to a regulation agreement with the city. Its a complicated issue. They need licensing to stay alive in NYC which is a good thing cause pedicabs are a non-polluting form of transportation. The horse drawn carriages don't want them in central park cause they steal business. GOOD. We should have given up these antiquated uses of animals in the 1800's. HELLO. Those carriage drivers in the park are a bunch of dicks anyway. Ever watched them operate? They should get off their fat asses, put the horses in a nice field of grass and start riding a bike. Then you've got this party bike which the police seem to target cause they got nothing better to do. Ok, ok, so the thing is kind of dumb. But isn't funny how that bike is a problem but the city doesn't care about those stretch hummers that drive around polluting the environment or vehicles that are just roving billboards. Ah yes, the motor vehicle is God!

Here is an article form the NY Times that explains the current issue.

In New York, Calls to Regulate Cabs Powered by Legs, Too

Wendy Scher was at the helm of a PartyBike on Saturday as a pedicab passed by in Times Square. The police have impounded several of the bikes. Photo by Dima Gavrysh for the New York Times

Article by Sewell Chan
Published: May 8, 2006

The Bloomberg administration has put forward a comprehensive proposal to regulate the city's decade-old pedicab industry for the first time, seeking to bring order to the human-powered for-hire vehicles that have become increasingly popular on Midtown streets, particularly during the warm months.
The proposal would confer legal recognition on the pedicabs, which are similar to rickshaws, except that they are pedaled instead of pulled. Nearly 300 pedicabs operate in the city, but until now there have been no formal safety standards, rules of operation or licensing requirements.

The regulations would also outlaw a popular round bicycle built for seven, a multiwheeled contraption in which six riders pedal while the seventh, the driver, steers from the rear. The Police Department has called the bike — sometimes marketed as a PartyBike or a Superbike and mostly used around Times Square — a hazard that chokes off traffic, and has impounded several of the vehicles.

"It's not the bike itself, it's how it's operated," James S. Muessig, owner of Superbike, which owns four of the vehicles, said yesterday. "We do it safely and responsibly."

The proposal, drafted by the Department of Consumer Affairs over several months and presented to the City Council on Friday, would require pedicab owners to pay a $125 licensing fee each year, and $70 for each additional cab, and to carry an insurance policy covering up to $1 million in liability.

Each pedicab would be limited to two adult passengers with one child 3 or younger. Each vehicle would have to have water-resistant hydraulic or mechanical brakes, emergency brakes, battery-powered headlights and taillights, turn lights, reflectors, side-mounted rear view mirrors and passenger seat belts. The pedicabs would be prohibited in parks, on bridges and in tunnels. Owners and drivers who violate the rules could have their licenses suspended or revoked, face fines of $200 to $4,000, and have their vehicles seized.

Some owners of taxis and horse-drawn carriages have called for a ban on pedicabs, arguing that they are unsafe and that a carriage license or taxicab medallion confers the exclusive right to respond to street hails. "Pedicabs are like illegal street peddlers, and they're stealing passengers away from taxi operators," said Joseph E. Giannetto, who represents owners of taxi fleets.

Councilman Leroy G. Comrie Jr., a Queens Democrat, has set a hearing on Thursday to discuss the proposal.

Pedicabs have been operating in New York since 1995. The drivers typically pay $200 a week to rent a cab and make up to $150 in a seven- or eight-hour shift. The cost of a cab is $3,600 to $7,000.

"We need to legitimize the industry so that cabbies stop blowing their horns at us and so people start taking us seriously as a form of clean-air transportation," said Robert E. Brennan, 36, an actor and freelance editor who began driving a pedicab three weeks ago.

Wednesday-Opening Night Party for Bike Film Fest.

Opening Night Party Tonight for Bicycle Film Festival

Union Pool
Williamsburg Brooklyn, Down dear the BQE @ 484 Union St.


Free and you can make donations to Freewheels

Memorial Ride for Andre Anderson-Sunday May 14th

Picture of Audrey Anderson at a memorial for her son.

It is one thing to kill someone on a bike with your SUV, its another thing to show little remorse and then brag about the killing on Myspace. Read the story above.
This Sunday, May 14th-Mother's Day... Time's UP is having a memorial ride for Andre.
Time: 12:00pm at Union Square South (there wil also be other pick up spots)
The Rides will converge from 3-3:30 pm at the Rockaway Skate Park. (Shore Front Parkway at 91st Stjust off the boardwalk). (email if you would like to host a hook-up/meeting point/feeder ride or to be involved in planning)

there is a good memorial page on cyclists killed in NYC from Visual Resistance

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Video is up

Here is a little video I took from the 5 boro bike tour using a helmet camera.

5 boro in 5 minutes video

Monday, May 08, 2006

Criminal Mass Movie

Chris Ryan...that lovable lost viking from the warriors ride is at it again.

This time he is lost in a sea of editing to bring you his latestest video creation:

Criminal Mass.
It is my understanding that this is a more personal account of the on going struggle with the city and critical mass. Chris has experience with this as a film maker and by going through the length legal fight in his never ending journey into the radical world of daring to ride your bike in NYC on a regular basis. I give him props and check out his new movie premiering at the
Bike Film Festival.
Christopher J. Ryan / Director
a film about the loss of innocence, wages and freedom.

__Premieres_SUNDAY_ MAY_ 14th_ 8:30 pm.____
@ ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES ( 2nd ave & 2nd St.)
part of the Worldwide BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL

Roving Garden party

May 13th is a packed day for bikes...
*Bike Film Festival
*Trackstar Street Events-Block Party
*Bridge Battle Alley Cat

and this...


Saturday, May 13th at 2pm
Tompkins Square Park

Spiral Dancing and Drum Beating!
Feisty Cavorting and Street Transforming!
One Part Ecology, Two Parts Mardi Gras!
Rambunctious fun for all!

Come dance down the streets to celebrate community gardens and
camaraderie. We’ll visit some gardens, unleash some surprises, partake in
a ritual, stand up against some slimy developers and end with an
after-party and barbeque.

We all need places to play, to dream, to connect with each other and the
world. For NYC, community gardens are some of those places. So are the
streets. Unfortunately, all things wild—including gardens, forests and
people who defend the Earth—are under attack. Let’s revel in the places
that are still untamed with people who are still untamed.

Bring drums and instruments! Dress as the garden creature of your dreams!

Special Guests:
Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
100 Flowered Kazoos Collective
Radical Cheerleaders & Faerie Drummers
Jugglers, Puppets & Tap Dancers
More Gardens! Coalition
Time’s Up
You & Your Crew

Please forward far and wide.

5 boro bike tour

Yesterday was the 5 borough bike tour which I participated in for the first time in my 15 years of bike riding in New York. I had a really good time and hooked up with a great bunch of people from various age groups, bike riding abilities and political affiliations (towards biking).
I understand the political debate about this ride and why bike activists shy away from what would appear to be a great space for cyclists and for bike riding in general. The notion that you would have to pay for an event to participate in an activity which you might do on a daily basis seems unnerving to some bike riders, especially when other groups try and promote community by having free bike events. On top of that, there is a political climate in NYC where bike riding is criminalized and normal daily bike infrastructure is often ignored. Critical Mass is the big sticking point and the city does a great job of trying to make a distinction between good bike riding and bad bike riding. Critical mass also divides the bike activists...those who want to work with the city and not piss off their sponsors and those that believe in direct action and taking matters into their own hands. It is an endless debate. In my opinion the 5 boor bike tour is a great for bikes, so you have to pay a little get to ride on major road ways never imagined such as the FDR, Belt Parkway and lets not forget about all the free bananas you can eat. The money is also put to good use with security, marshals, first aid and a large group of paid staff facilitating the ride. The problem is that that thousands of people in attendance, and it is big, may not think about biking any longer than it takes to put the bikes in the Hummer and drive off to the suburbs. They may not think about the daily commuter who is at risk of being killed by a garbage truck that doesn't see them for 28 blocks and not get any fines and never finish those bike lanes. But hey, you can't make people care. Also it plays into the cities hands when you have these official events and makes you cater to the authority, the same authority that feels its ok to allow cops to tackle people on a free bike ride in the city that doesn't need to apply for a permit. It sets the standard of what bike riding "should be..." Permitted, helmeted, controlled and only big once a year as long as everyone follows the rules and gives money to Con Ed. It gives the city officials a bench mark to say, "Why can't all your events be like that nice 5 borough bike ride?" But alas I am cynical. Like I said, I had a really good time, I would do it again. I support all things for the bicycle, but those Hummer bikes have really got to go. It's like Marlboro making a clean air filter.

my flickr page of 5 boro

Video is coming soon!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ride Magazine is now called Bike Culture

Ride Magazine is a great publication about East Coast bike culture such as downhill mountian bike racing, cycle-cross, messenger culture and all the facests that make up this great scene of bicycles.

They are now called Bike Culture Magazine and here is a little about them:

BikeCulture Magazine is the regional cycling periodical that binds together the diverse strands of the Northeast's cycling community. Our mission is to enlighten cyclists about the people, groups, and events which keep this wealthy market rolling.

BikeCulture sticks to the basic tenets of journalism, printing the latest news about local cyclists, manufacturers, events, and issues.

BikeCulture Magazine hits newsstands, bike shops and bookstores eight times a year offering a wealth of news and editorial. A year-long supplement to BikeCulture Magazine is our Annual Cycling Guide which covers all aspects of cycling from clubs to rail-trails in the Northeastern region, the event calendar section of the guide is a great resource for promoters and cyclists. It is typically released early spring and remains available all year.

From its humble beginnings in Connecticut ten years ago under the name The Ride Magazine, BikeCulture Magazine has maintained a continuous publishing schedule and now resides in Arlington, Massachusetts.

This month some of the articles include the clown ride in NYC and the sucess of New York's Critical Mass
EVENTS, EVENTS and More Events.

May 6th-Saturday-NYC-Brooklyn Greenway Initiative presents-The Future Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Bike Tour.
Meet at 9:30am, ride starts 10:00am sharp.

at the foot of the Manhatan Ave. in Greenpoint, at Newtown Creek.
This is a 10 mile ride at a family pace from Newton Creek in Greenpoint to the spectacular waterfront in Red Hook.

also: Because it's BIKE MONTH

the 3rd Annual Bike to Shea Day
Meet at 10:30 am in Tramway Plaza on 2nd Ave. Btw, East 60th and East 59th
59th St (directly opposite Manhattan side of Queens Borough Bridge); Game: 1:10 pm, Shea Stadium 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue (Queens)
Mets fans: Leave the traffic behind and bike to Shea! Join us for a 6-mile ride to see the Mets vs. the Atlanta Braves. Marshals from the Department of Transportation will escort you to the game via on street bicycle lanes and the Department of Parks and Recreations off street greenways at a leisurely pace. Riders of all skill levels are welcome. Once at Shea Stadium, free attended bike parking will be provided. To purchase tickets, call 718-507-TIXX (if you wish to sit near the ride group ask for Upper Level Reserved section 28). For more information call Gary at the DOT Bicycle Program at 212-442-7660.

May-6th in Chicago--
The No NOS Quarter Mile is a single speed, fixed gear, alleycat, drag race, sprint race. It will be held May 6th 2006 in Pilsen, Chicago IL. Racing will start at 4:00. Registration will be from 3:00 until 3:30 in the park at the corner of Damen and 18th St. The race will go from the corner of 18th and Damen north on Damen to 14th. 3/4 of the race takes place in a tunnel beneth a Union Pacific train yard on the near Southwest side. Once all the racers are registered, pairs will be made at random. Once all the pairs have been established the racing commences. The light on the corner of 18th and Damen will turn green for traffic on Damen, as the light turns red, two racers will pull out to the stop line at the intersection. Those two racers will wait for the light to turn green and they go. The first person across the finish line wins that heat. It will be single elimination. After the first grouping of races is over, the winners of each heat will be paired with the person who won the race before them. This continues until the final two racers are left and the winner of that race is the grand master champion! The park on the corner of Damen and 18th will serve as the place for Bar-B-Que and bike polo. Hang out have a beer and race bikes. 10 dollars to enter and that gets you the spoke card and a t-shirt. The BBQ part is still in the work in terms of how people are going to get/pay for the food, but it will be there. All procedes will go to the Bicycle Messanger Relief Fund. The after party will be just up the street from the race. Prizes to: Top 3 Overall, Top Three Females & to the winners of Footdown, Track Stands & Skid Comp.

in Philadelphia...May 6th...a photo exhibit at Reload Baggage:Come enjoy $1 beer this Saturday night, May 6, in Philadelphia. Roll up your right pant leg and get on down to

RELoad Gallery
608 N 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA
May 6, 6-9pm

Also there is a two day scavenger hunt...
So For all of you who I havent passed a flyer to, or harassed about endlessly about this: This weekend: All Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt. 2 Days, 2 Dollars. Teams of 2-4. Required of each team: One Polaroid or digital camera. This thing will take place over the course of the entire weekend. All day, both days. You can come and hunt through our grimy city streets for all sorts of items, and photo-ops, compete in physical and mental tests, and basically inject the beginning of your summer with about ten pounds of awesome. Registration will be taking place on Saturday Morning at 10 AM aon the front steps of my home at 1616 S.4th St. Come bring 2 bucks and register. From there: Compete! Do as much or as little as you please for as much of the weekend as you can. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place...worth a couple hundred bucks, I may add. A handful of other noteworthy accomplishments will also be rewarded. This race has been designed to be straight edge and vegan friendly, although, other options are available. Basically, I want a Scavenger Hunt that doesnt involve rushing as much as you can through the city at break neck speeds on a fixed gear bike for 2 hours, drunk out of your mind. The key is leisurely exploration here. And having a blast and hanging out, outside for a couple days. For any more specific information, write to me, or and we'll tell you all about it. Be awesome. And Thanks, J.N.Gray. PS: Feel free to tell whomever you'd like. The more the merrier. Forward this on, folks!

SUNDAY MAY 7th-the 5 borough Bike Tour in NYC

and in Minneapolis...a race series begins


$5 Winner Takes All

1st Sunday of the month
starting 5.7.06
meet @ gazebo/bandshell
in Father Hennepin Park
(east end of the Stone Arch Bridge)

Beer Welcome
Spandex is NOT

(race is a bunch of nobodies against a bunch of other nobodies.
come out. have fun. participate at your own risk
not sanctioned or condoned or endorsed by anyone)