Monday, May 08, 2006

Roving Garden party

May 13th is a packed day for bikes...
*Bike Film Festival
*Trackstar Street Events-Block Party
*Bridge Battle Alley Cat

and this...


Saturday, May 13th at 2pm
Tompkins Square Park

Spiral Dancing and Drum Beating!
Feisty Cavorting and Street Transforming!
One Part Ecology, Two Parts Mardi Gras!
Rambunctious fun for all!

Come dance down the streets to celebrate community gardens and
camaraderie. We’ll visit some gardens, unleash some surprises, partake in
a ritual, stand up against some slimy developers and end with an
after-party and barbeque.

We all need places to play, to dream, to connect with each other and the
world. For NYC, community gardens are some of those places. So are the
streets. Unfortunately, all things wild—including gardens, forests and
people who defend the Earth—are under attack. Let’s revel in the places
that are still untamed with people who are still untamed.

Bring drums and instruments! Dress as the garden creature of your dreams!

Special Guests:
Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
100 Flowered Kazoos Collective
Radical Cheerleaders & Faerie Drummers
Jugglers, Puppets & Tap Dancers
More Gardens! Coalition
Time’s Up
You & Your Crew

Please forward far and wide.


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