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Ride Magazine is now called Bike Culture

Ride Magazine is a great publication about East Coast bike culture such as downhill mountian bike racing, cycle-cross, messenger culture and all the facests that make up this great scene of bicycles.

They are now called Bike Culture Magazine and here is a little about them:

BikeCulture Magazine is the regional cycling periodical that binds together the diverse strands of the Northeast's cycling community. Our mission is to enlighten cyclists about the people, groups, and events which keep this wealthy market rolling.

BikeCulture sticks to the basic tenets of journalism, printing the latest news about local cyclists, manufacturers, events, and issues.

BikeCulture Magazine hits newsstands, bike shops and bookstores eight times a year offering a wealth of news and editorial. A year-long supplement to BikeCulture Magazine is our Annual Cycling Guide which covers all aspects of cycling from clubs to rail-trails in the Northeastern region, the event calendar section of the guide is a great resource for promoters and cyclists. It is typically released early spring and remains available all year.

From its humble beginnings in Connecticut ten years ago under the name The Ride Magazine, BikeCulture Magazine has maintained a continuous publishing schedule and now resides in Arlington, Massachusetts.

This month some of the articles include the clown ride in NYC and the sucess of New York's Critical Mass
EVENTS, EVENTS and More Events.

May 6th-Saturday-NYC-Brooklyn Greenway Initiative presents-The Future Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Bike Tour.
Meet at 9:30am, ride starts 10:00am sharp.

at the foot of the Manhatan Ave. in Greenpoint, at Newtown Creek.
This is a 10 mile ride at a family pace from Newton Creek in Greenpoint to the spectacular waterfront in Red Hook.

also: Because it's BIKE MONTH

the 3rd Annual Bike to Shea Day
Meet at 10:30 am in Tramway Plaza on 2nd Ave. Btw, East 60th and East 59th
59th St (directly opposite Manhattan side of Queens Borough Bridge); Game: 1:10 pm, Shea Stadium 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue (Queens)
Mets fans: Leave the traffic behind and bike to Shea! Join us for a 6-mile ride to see the Mets vs. the Atlanta Braves. Marshals from the Department of Transportation will escort you to the game via on street bicycle lanes and the Department of Parks and Recreations off street greenways at a leisurely pace. Riders of all skill levels are welcome. Once at Shea Stadium, free attended bike parking will be provided. To purchase tickets, call 718-507-TIXX (if you wish to sit near the ride group ask for Upper Level Reserved section 28). For more information call Gary at the DOT Bicycle Program at 212-442-7660.

May-6th in Chicago--
The No NOS Quarter Mile is a single speed, fixed gear, alleycat, drag race, sprint race. It will be held May 6th 2006 in Pilsen, Chicago IL. Racing will start at 4:00. Registration will be from 3:00 until 3:30 in the park at the corner of Damen and 18th St. The race will go from the corner of 18th and Damen north on Damen to 14th. 3/4 of the race takes place in a tunnel beneth a Union Pacific train yard on the near Southwest side. Once all the racers are registered, pairs will be made at random. Once all the pairs have been established the racing commences. The light on the corner of 18th and Damen will turn green for traffic on Damen, as the light turns red, two racers will pull out to the stop line at the intersection. Those two racers will wait for the light to turn green and they go. The first person across the finish line wins that heat. It will be single elimination. After the first grouping of races is over, the winners of each heat will be paired with the person who won the race before them. This continues until the final two racers are left and the winner of that race is the grand master champion! The park on the corner of Damen and 18th will serve as the place for Bar-B-Que and bike polo. Hang out have a beer and race bikes. 10 dollars to enter and that gets you the spoke card and a t-shirt. The BBQ part is still in the work in terms of how people are going to get/pay for the food, but it will be there. All procedes will go to the Bicycle Messanger Relief Fund. The after party will be just up the street from the race. Prizes to: Top 3 Overall, Top Three Females & to the winners of Footdown, Track Stands & Skid Comp.

in Philadelphia...May 6th...a photo exhibit at Reload Baggage:Come enjoy $1 beer this Saturday night, May 6, in Philadelphia. Roll up your right pant leg and get on down to

RELoad Gallery
608 N 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA
May 6, 6-9pm

Also there is a two day scavenger hunt...
So For all of you who I havent passed a flyer to, or harassed about endlessly about this: This weekend: All Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt. 2 Days, 2 Dollars. Teams of 2-4. Required of each team: One Polaroid or digital camera. This thing will take place over the course of the entire weekend. All day, both days. You can come and hunt through our grimy city streets for all sorts of items, and photo-ops, compete in physical and mental tests, and basically inject the beginning of your summer with about ten pounds of awesome. Registration will be taking place on Saturday Morning at 10 AM aon the front steps of my home at 1616 S.4th St. Come bring 2 bucks and register. From there: Compete! Do as much or as little as you please for as much of the weekend as you can. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place...worth a couple hundred bucks, I may add. A handful of other noteworthy accomplishments will also be rewarded. This race has been designed to be straight edge and vegan friendly, although, other options are available. Basically, I want a Scavenger Hunt that doesnt involve rushing as much as you can through the city at break neck speeds on a fixed gear bike for 2 hours, drunk out of your mind. The key is leisurely exploration here. And having a blast and hanging out, outside for a couple days. For any more specific information, write to me, or and we'll tell you all about it. Be awesome. And Thanks, J.N.Gray. PS: Feel free to tell whomever you'd like. The more the merrier. Forward this on, folks!

SUNDAY MAY 7th-the 5 borough Bike Tour in NYC

and in Minneapolis...a race series begins


$5 Winner Takes All

1st Sunday of the month
starting 5.7.06
meet @ gazebo/bandshell
in Father Hennepin Park
(east end of the Stone Arch Bridge)

Beer Welcome
Spandex is NOT

(race is a bunch of nobodies against a bunch of other nobodies.
come out. have fun. participate at your own risk
not sanctioned or condoned or endorsed by anyone)


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For a moment, I was very confused.

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I hope you'll give some sort of report on how the two-day scavenger hunt goes. Sounds like a blast!

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