Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MAY DAY bike Month

May Day is traditionally International Worker's Day where we remember all of the hard work of the labor movement in struggling for our eight hour work day. Yesterday, May Day was celebrated with a nation wide boycott and demonstrations all over the US to send a message of the importance of immigrant labor and against anti-immigrant polices that seem to be rearing their ugly heads in Congress. In San Francisco they had a bike bloc.

Here is a video from San Francisco indymedia.
Its all interviews, very little riding, but the first person up is Jon Winston of Bike scape Everyone's favorite bike podcaster.

Meanwhile in NYC thousands marched down Broadway...

Nice Bike

So May is Bike Month. There are all kinds of events and activities so get a calender. Check out the Transportation Alternatives Website and Time's Up.

May 7th is the 29th annual 5 borough bike tour

42 mile bike tour thorugh 5 boroughs.

anyone interested in doing this with mutant bikes, let me know...I'm down to ride my tall bike.


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