Monday, April 24, 2006

Meeting to help with Freewheels Fundraiser

Freewheels who organizes the Bicycle Defense Fund is having a big fundraiser on May 20th and they need people to
help make this event BIG!

Here in NYC,
the bicycle defense fun, as you know, is important to EVERYONE who
rides in the mass. Raising cash to pay lawyers is a vital part of
keeping the mass alive. A core of people, mostly from FreeWheels,
have been trying to pull this thing off, but we need more people. We
would like to invite anyone who wants to volunteer in ANY capacity to
come to the next meeting, which won't be some wonky meeting at all,
but will be all about plugging people into taking on specific tasks,
on the night of the party, or, hopefully, in a few key roles that we
need leading up to the party, specifically: we need someone, or a
couple of people, to take on some PR aspects of this thing. Getting
notices into papers mainly, and getting flyers copied (we have
designers) and distributed. Not a huge job, but we don't have anyone
yet. Also need some help finding bands, cuz some of our bands fell
through, and we need help putting together this little art show that
we want to be a part of the party.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, May 3rd. At the Time's Up Space (49 East Houston) if available. If not, we will likely gather at subtonic, at 7:30pm

More details to come. We need help with this one, so please get involved for the benefitt of the NYC cycling community


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