Friday, April 21, 2006

April Critical Mass and Fund Raiser-After Party for Daniel McGowan

April 28th is Critical Mass, Union Square North 7:00pm. Last Friday of the Month.

There is also a Fund Raiser and Party for Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist, unjustly arrested and charged in federal court on multiple counts of arson, property destruction, and conspiracy, relating to two incidents that occurred in Oregon in 2001. Daniel has asserted his innocence by pleading not guilty to all charges. He is facing a minimum of life in prison if convicted.

Here are the Details:
Friday April 28th, 9pm
Brooklyn Benefit Party & Critical Mass After Party!
Bands, DJ's, Food and Booze!
Bands/DJs confirmed:

*Your 33 Black Angels,
*David Rovics,
*Oogle Orphanage rocking your socks off!*
*DJ Opus spinning dancehall, salsa, klezmer and hip hop!*
*DJ Thadeaus pumping out the jams!*

Location: 84 Clinton Ave Apt 1
Between Myrtle Ave and Park Ave in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Ride Yr Bike! or Take the G train to Clinton-Washington.

We are encouraging small groups of bike riders to make their way to the party using the bike paths on the bridges.

Bike: [from Manhattan] Take the Manhattan Bridge from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. It dumps you on Flatbush [well, near Flatbush avenue]. Take Flatbush for a few blocks, make a left on Myrtle Avenue and take that until you hit Clinton and the party is right there. OR

Alternatively: Coming from the bike path on the north side of the Manhattan bridge, bust a U-turn at the bottom of the "on/off ramp" so that you are riding east with the bridge. Go straight past the BQE on-ramps, straight through a light until the road dead-ends at the Navy Yard. Take a right. Go through the first light (Flushing), then take a left on the other side of the BQE as you ride under it. This is Park. Clinton is the block after Vanderbilt. Park is wider than Myrtle and usually has far less traffic.

Subway: Take the G train to Clinton-Washington. Exit on Clinton and walk down the hill 4 blocks to 84 Clinton

Bus: Take the B54 bus along Myrtle or the B61 along park.

Donation $10 or more, no one turned away for lack of funds

I don't know all the details of this case but I do know this. Although property was destroyed, no one was hurt in the alleged arson incident. Murders and Rapists get less of a sentence than what Daniel and the others are facing. In my opinion this is the continued abuse of power of a government with nothing better to do then to illegally spy on us and harass environmentalists for giving a shit about the planet. They call it Domestic Terrorists just like they say "Anarchists" have taken over Critical Mass. All lies, just like Saddam having ties to 911. They should use all that time and resources to stop attacking those who sit in Red wood tries and sit down in front of Army recruiting stations and throw raves...and work so we can breathe clean air and drink clean water. Then spend a five year investigation on the corporate vandals who destroy or planet so they can buy a 4th home and roll around in their billions of our tax dollars.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post about the party. we appreciate it!

to be clear about Daniel and his case:
he has pled not guilty, the case is based on a former heroin addict and admitted participant in over 14 arsons. the government is threatening people with serious time to turn them into informants. daniel is facing life pus 335 years [no joke]. like you said, this is for incidents in which no one was hurt. it is truly absurd.

i hope people can come out in big numbers. daniel has been engaged in prisoner support and legal defense of activists for years. also, he is a frequent critical mass participant and is bummed to no end that he is on house arrest, stuck in his sister's apartment every day except for 2 hours a week and unable to enjoy the weather, bike riding etc.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi mike,

good to assist in advertising the event! however, one important clarification is necessary especially for those not in the know. mike, i know you are in the know, but by referring to the alleged arson as an apparent fact by comparing it to other crimes and doing so in the reference to daniel appears to suggest that daniel actually was engaged in the act. that is NOT the case. yes, he ALLEGEDLY was involved, but he is INNOCENT until proven guilty. in sensitive matters like this, it is important to phrase words and present allegations very carefully!!!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Sucka Pants said...

it's called the Green Scare. You'll be hearing more about it as time goes on, I have a feeling.

3:05 AM  

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