Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's the superhero alleycat

If your feeling pumped after the bridge battle it's time to jump into the phone booth or head to the bat cave to don your super powers for the next Alley Cat Race. It's the Superheroes Race--Saturday May 20th. This is a two person team race like in Batman and Robin so now you can wear your tights and not feel out of place. Dress up is encouraged. Villians are ok too. Registration is 2:00pm, race at 3:00. Race start is Fulton Ferry Landing, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. $10.00 for race (per team) and afterparty. $15.00 for race, party and t-shirt.

Here is what the race organizer had to say about the event on bikeforums..."so here's the SUPERSTORY: I have a comic book shop and a bikeshop sponsor, plus bagjack in berlin who will sponsor a NYC superheroes alleycat. The idea and course is pretty much solid: It's solo and teams of two (ambiguously gay duos) who have to hit checkpoints that require particular super powers.. or in somecase require superpowers just to get to the CP.

It's a long, brutal race with CP's that correspond to the real NYC superhero points of interest.

The advantage to racing as a crimefighting team is that only one person has to "Do" the CP. But both have to be present, together. Between the last CP and the Finish is a dead sprint. Only then will you know who is the "superhero" and who is the "sidekick."

If i do it, I'll need to drop a good amount of dough on the CP's & some "special" prizes.
Who is going to show up?
How many of you think you're a superhero?
And more importantly, when do I do this thing?

To me, it's the ultimate alleycat that I would prefer to race and not organize. But it must happen.

Check Ella's Blog for more details.


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