Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yesterday, Bridge Battle 2

Yesterday was Awesome. Bridge Battle 2 alleycat over the bridges was well attended and a great event hosted by Mess NYC. A great site for stories and video...soon to be a dvd magazine. Riders battled the bridges in a knock down no holds bar race to see who is the fastest.
Austin Horse won the race from team 4916 and completed all the checkpoints in about 45 minutes.
Ken Stanek was a close second
Hugo Giron was third also from team 4916
Dan G was fourth from team action force/Trackstar
and "the King" Felipe was 5th from team Puma.

The race ended with a glorious track event called "Track-o-Rama" with a vicious footdown, skids, backwards circles and trackstand hosted by NYC's fixed gear culture shop...Trackstar.

My Flickr page has some photos of the days events...videos to come on messnyc very soon...I am editing right now.

Check the NYBMA for a great summary of the events and pictures including...Carlos awesome video.


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