Monday, May 08, 2006

Criminal Mass Movie

Chris Ryan...that lovable lost viking from the warriors ride is at it again.

This time he is lost in a sea of editing to bring you his latestest video creation:

Criminal Mass.
It is my understanding that this is a more personal account of the on going struggle with the city and critical mass. Chris has experience with this as a film maker and by going through the length legal fight in his never ending journey into the radical world of daring to ride your bike in NYC on a regular basis. I give him props and check out his new movie premiering at the
Bike Film Festival.
Christopher J. Ryan / Director
a film about the loss of innocence, wages and freedom.

__Premieres_SUNDAY_ MAY_ 14th_ 8:30 pm.____
@ ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES ( 2nd ave & 2nd St.)
part of the Worldwide BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL


Blogger BlogerosGarcia said...

for those of us who aren't in nyc, where can we get or watch "criminal mass"?

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Joe Biel said...

I am interested in contacting Chris Ryan to talk about distributing this video through Microcosm Publishing. How would I do that? joe at microcosmpublishing dot com

12:56 PM  

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