Monday, May 15, 2006

Saturday May 13th was also the Garden's Parade

Photos by Philipp Rassmann

Saturday was a beautiful day in NYC for the environment. While hundreds of cyclists were enjoying Bike month with an allocate, film festival and block party, another event was paying homage to the earth. It was the Time's Up Roving Garden Parade with a portable ice cream trike (although it did use fossil fuel) the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and reverend Billy lead a march through the East Village and celebrated the community gardens. Here is a report from Ellen.

"A fabulous time was had by all at the Roving Garden Parade on Saturday. Many people showed up costumed in various flowered, buggy and birdy garb, some on wheels others on feet. The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir kept the procession hopping as we spread the word about the 65 gardens endangered
while visiting those in the East Village that were saved, lost and still threatened by development.

Perhaps the best part was that we proved that we can take to the streets in an un-permitted action sucessfully many of us without our bikes/getaway vehicles and the cops generally allowed us to do it. (with a little griping about one way streets and asking people not on bikes to go back on the sidewalk)

The best innovation of the day was a Free Ice Cream Bike, with a gasoline powered generator and freezer on a cargo bike. The freegans gave out an endless supply of cones and bars to the entire parade and the community. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Times Up Garden Coordinator
More photos of the event by Fritz Askew (this photo by Fritz)

Fred Askew Photography

Tod Seelie of suckapants also has pictures of the Garden's Parade.

One of Tod's Photos


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