Friday, May 19, 2006

B for Bicycles

Next Friday is Critical Mass. I'll make my plea here. The foolish behavior by the city and the NYPD to stop this ride from happening is not only a serious waste of our tax dollars it is also an offense to our basic freedoms. Therefore I suggest the following: 1) come to this ride and participate...This is not just bike rider's issues. This is about how the city reacts when we decide to have an event that is for the people. It is supposed to be that we decide what events we want and the police figure out how best to facilitate our wishes. 299 other cities across the globe seem to be able to figure out this basic principle...but then again we aren't supposed to have the government wiretaping our phone calls or trying to pass legislation to read our emails. So May is bike month...This Critical Mass should be huge.
2) if you don't feel like riding your bike, come to Union Square anyway and support the ride. Lets make the numbers big. Come for 5 minutes. just cheer on the riders.

Bike Month Critical Mass
May 26th, Friday
Union Square North-7:00pm


Blogger walkert said...

Good luck with Critical Mass! All of us here in Durango, CO are pulling for you guys and gals.

Walker T

10:51 AM  
Blogger SuperEvilBrian said...

I'll be there as I have for the past few CM rides with Nikons in Hand.

5:54 PM  

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