Friday, May 19, 2006

Feast for Joey and other happenings.

Today is Joey Ramones birthday and my good friends the Hungry March Band are throwing a parade.

Here is info off Jeff Stark's Nonsense list a great list for weekly happenings in NYC...

The Feast of St. Joey

In case you haven't heard, Friday, May 19 is Joey Ramone's birthday,
and for the sake of all New York (and possibly the world), we will be
paying him the homage that his spirit so richly deserves.

It's not too late to get involved: We still need people to help carry
the Joey giglio from Tompkins to CB's, to participate in the Zippy
the Pinhead look-alike contest, and to bring gifts to appease the
spirit of our favorite late punkrocker.

The exact details are still being finalized, but the whole day will
look something like this:

1. Meet around 11:30a in Forest Hills, Queens for the pilgrimage, on
foot, from the original Rock and Roll High School into Manhattan. Be
prepared to tell stories of punkrock glory (real or imagined) and to
participate in whatever games we come up with along the way.

2. At 7p, the Hungry March Band and friends will be making a
procession from Tompkins Square Park, snaking through the East
Village, and ending up at CB's Gallery. For this we need more hands
to carry the giglio. We also need people to bring offerings of
flowers (real or fake), liquor, cigarettes, or other small things
that represent something that you really care about.

3. Party and potluck dinner at CB's Gallery starting at 8p, featuring
the Hungry March Band, the Ramoones, and Deva, as well as a Ramones
cover open mike. Please write to Sara Valentine
( in advance to sign up yourself and your
Carbona-sniffing friends to play whatever Ramones song you know.
We'll also be giving the winner of the Zippy the Pinhead look-alike
contest a yummy award. $5 if you bring food or $10 without.

And why do we do this?

In the five long years since Joey Ramone left home, our city has been
afflicted by grave misfortune: mass carnage, regional blackout,
crippling strike, Republicans! Clearly something is amiss. That's why
the Hungry March Band has decided to undertake the first ever Feast
of St. Joey on his birthday..

Tompkins Square Park
Avenue A and 7th Street, Manhattan
7p; $free

CBs Gallery
313 Bowery, Manhattan
8p; $5-10
Amy Bolger takes great pictures of Messengers and Bikers...she is having a show...The idea is that you go to the exhibit and then a group ride over to the Superhero race...Fun Fun Fun. Saturday May 20th. Check flyer for details.


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