Friday, February 15, 2008

Orange bikes angers and inspires.

Fashion week has moved on to London but the bike community in New York, is still chatting about the great orange props DKNY left us in their annoying attempt to promote themselves...I mean promote biking, I mean promote thinking about biking, I mean thinking about themselves looking good and maybe forgetting what they were supposed to think about...biking or something orange.

To be fair, DKNY wanted to put up white bikes and were quickly thwarted. Not because of the blatant rip-off of sacred ghostbike memorials dedicated to lives lost for biking, but more importantly to be respectful of the fashion rule before Memorial Day, and didn't want to piss anyone off. Besides the new rule for Spring 08 is Orange is the new white.

Here are two more articles which came out in local papers with some fine reporting on orange bike fever.

Jefferson Seigel came out last Friday for the cat fight out front of the Fashion Week Mecca, sometimes known as Bryant Park. He filled this report in the paper he works for, the Villager.
Photo by Jefferson,

Cycling activist Anya, mimicking a fashion model, vogued on an orange bike.

Title--Cyclists: DKNY knocked off our ‘ghost bike’ idea

By Jefferson Siegel

Just before the start of Fashion Week, dozens of neon-orange-painted bicycles appeared around the city chained to lampposts. Stenciled on each was the Web site address for the fashion company DKNY.

read more... here at the Villager.

Then the Metro put out this article about how the promo gone wrong inspired film maker Kalim Armstrong to make a video about it for the Bicycle Film Festival.