Thursday, February 07, 2008

Code Orange.

So are you sick of all this Orange bike stuff yet? Just wanted to share this bike I saw on 6th Ave. and 40th St.

Its like co-opting the messege and then co-opting the messege of the message. Oh when will it end.

I like the creative action instead of the more destructive cutting the bikes in half. Its still shameless self promotion, but I'll play along:

This is what the bike said:

Jason Lam Photography



Blogger erik k said...

haha. . . the girl on the trike is totally hot if only the real world was like that

6:42 PM  
Blogger Michael Green said...

Yeah, Maybe they should have painted tri-cycles Orange. BTW Erik, not sure your email, but I put a posting of your blog on my blog. I will add you as a link. Send me an email, I got some graphic design questions...maybe even a job.


6:56 PM  

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