Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting more info about Orange bikes.

Ok, so a lot of you have weighed in on the orange bikes that DKNY thought would be such a cute way to promote cycling.

Here is a variety of the attitudes summarized by yours truly, from a lot of the various discussions I've read about.

1) Gladness. (the majority of the cycling community) That the bicycle community thoroughly responded to this issue and pointed out the following: A) If DKNY's intention was to promote cycling why didn' they tell anyone what they were up to? This lead to the NYPD even asking fellow bikers..."Hey, whats up with those Orange bikes?" B) This is just a cheap advertising gimmick that was way to closely similar to the "ghostbikes" project and that it was disrespectful. C) Corporations continue to miss the point of promoting cycling with cheap ad stunts, when they should just give away bicycles or give that same money to environmental organizations that ACTUALLY PROMOTE CYCLING, like TIMES UP, who are struggling to find a new space.

2) Indifference. (a lot of people online blogging and responding to blogs) Who cares. People blow this stuff way out of proportion and just feed into exactly what corporations want with these stunts. They spend millions of dollars researching the hip new viral world and if tons of people start talking...mission accomplished.

3) Defensive (a small minority of the bicycle community) That DKNY shouldn't be so critized after all they give money to the D.O.T. for things like free bike maps and helmets. Quit your bitching and accept these kind gifts form our beloved corporate masters.

What ever your school of thought, this blogger feels this is an important topic and exactly represents the misguided intentions of corporations that only seem to fall in the feel good green chic department and not on true sustainable goals.

I may be going on the radio this week to discuss this further.

Here is DKNY's response to an avid bikers letter to them:

DKNY is working with the Mayor's office to raise awareness of cycling as a healthy and environmentally sound means of transportation around NYC. During Fashion Week (which runs the first week of February), DKNY has placed dozens of bright orange bicycles around the city to get people thinking and talking about bicycles as a healthy and fashionable way to get
around the city. DKNY's marketing team developed the orange bicycle campaign to support the Mayor's office ongoing efforts, in a way that would draw attention to this important initiative. We also provided financial support to help the New York City Department of Transportation raise awareness of its initiative to build a far-reaching network of innovative
designed bicycle lanes and new bicycle parking facilities while stepping up education for cyclists and drivers.

We are very sorry if our well-intentioned "Explore Your City" program offended anyone.

oh, ok, why didn't you say so...its so clear now. Huh? I think I will chain up buckets of used vegtable oil all over the city to get people thinking about Bio-diesel.

Still trying to get more information, like for instance what is with that picture of the NYPD van hauling off the bikes.

Please let me know your orange bike experiences...




Blogger Robin said...

I saw the bike in the photo -- locked up and shedding paint... It looked like it had been ridden there. I assumed somebody rode away with a DKNY bike and claimed it as their own.

Anybody know? Did DKNY lock up their bikes or just leave them sitting there?

11:52 AM  
Blogger bike tourer said...

the bike lock/chain is visible in the photo.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Yes, I know... I thought that the DKNY bikes were left unlocked... and that this one got claimed for personal use.

If so, then kudos to whoever turned a corny marketing trick into a free bike.

If not, then kudos to the NYPD for cleaning this corporate litter off the street.

2:35 PM  
Blogger ZiP said...

yesterday i wrote to DKNY citing the gothamist article and explaining how it was detrimental to the nyc cycling community. i received the same response you posted. don't buy from dkny.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Michael Green said...

DKNY is whack. The bikes were definitely locked up. They made no mention that they were to be given to people. Cheap ad stunt indeed.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another, blue and orange:

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"DKNY's marketing team developed the orange bicycle campaign to support the Mayor's office ongoing efforts, in a way that would draw attention to this important initiative. "

has anyone made contact with the mayor's office to see how they feel about DKNY's "support"?

1:59 AM  
Anonymous ck said...

i would love if dkny would have provided as many orange BIKE RACKS for us to lock our bikes to as they did crappy orange junk bikes that one one would actually ride....

also, what about putting some good corporate pressure on the city to mandate indoor bike parking in every office building in NYC? now THAT would be something really helpful for cycling New Yorkers.

7:52 PM  

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