Friday, January 25, 2008

Themeatic Approriate Band has a gig. 1/26/08

The Bike Blog house band has a gig tomorrow at passout records.

Oh yeah and its also the idiotarod...

Heres the skizzy:
HAPPY 2000grrrr8!
TEAM SPIDER's kickin' it off w/ a FREE, LIVE, (rare) IN-STORE appearance...
( expect Record-Bin stage diving, underage drinking, and more...)

---STORE: P@s$0ut Re(ords , brooklyn
--------ADDRESS: 131 Grand Street (btw. Bedford and Berry)
-----------TIME: 5-8 pm in the Afternoon!
--------------Team Spider TIME: ( T.B.A.... probably 5:45pm, or later... will update myspace when we know!)
------------------Transpo: L TRAIN [Bedford Stop] or !Ride yer F'ing Bike! ;-)
---------------------C0$T: FREE!

=The Pigs ( fun energetic punky stuff from T.S.'s own <> and his Bronx Chums and Chum'ettes)
==Team Spider ( NYC's original Ska-core Art Punks...spreadin' the Bike-Core Reality... sucka )
===G.S.D. ( we have no idea who they are.. sorry)
====The Mercy Killers. (Drunk, psycotic state,"matracide rock")

12noon,Doors Open!, ((( buy some vinyl / remember what is was like 2 hang in a cool record store ! )))
5PM "The Pigs": kick off the Live Muz(a)k
Team Spider: ???time
8PM. Show OVER !! you missed it sucka.
Admission: FREE. People are allowed to drink there by bringing their own drinksssssssssssssss.

...........oh, sh*t yeah,, I Forgot! we have 3 NEW FREE DOWN-LOADABLE songs at
happy 0H-Gr8 !
X. /TS


Anonymous said...

Alright dude

I did actually link to bikeblog for a few months when I first started my blog, but my blogroll was getting too long so I deleted a load of links. I may start a page full of links soon, so I'll put bikeblog on there when I do that.


2:03 PM  

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