Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is the New York Times ignoring us?

4 days after our 3rd annual memorial ride, the New York Times comes out with this article on Ghostbikes and Bike Boxes in Portland, Oregon. Now I know this West Coast city is the US model for cycling utopia, but we have Ghostbikes here and Bike Boxes. I know America is looking to Portland for ideas, but the Times is doing a great disservice by ignoring what is happening here in New York City.
Here is the article, from the times.

Here's a local paper who felt it was important to report on the NYC memorial ride.

the villager article and photo by Jefferson Siegel.

Here is a video from streetfilms, where Clarence Eckerson Jr. explains how the DOT 60 new bikeboxes work.


Blogger gabrielamadeus said...

yeah I noticed that discrepancy as well. WTF nytimes? You have way more bikeboxes in your own city than we do here.


10:19 PM  

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