Friday, October 27, 2006

Goldsprints series in Brooklyn

What could be more frightening than seeing Mike Dee commando on a couch in Vegas? Not much...

Halloween weekend kicks off with...
Tonight starts a 4 time weekly Gold Sprints Race series in Greenpoint. LuLu's Lounge 113 Franklin St. @ Greenpoint Ave. in Greenpoint Brooklyn.
Each Friday night you can have the chance to qualify with the best time on an indoor roller race. $5 to enter, $1.00 each race.

Tonight is the first night from 7-9pm, then there will be a group ride to the Time's Up fundraiser party in Manhattan.
Here is an article on Goldsprints

GoldSprints Expand on National Cycling Phenomenon

News Released: September 28, 2006

(PRLEAP.COM) It began in Zurich, Switzerland during the 1999 Cycle
Messenger World Championships. Popularized by legends like Major Taylor
roller races were a vastly popular activity until the 1960's. It took
messengers and other 'underground' bike subcultures to realize a
revival. Modern configurations feature 2D and 3D visualization allowing
anyone to be a rock star in front of a huge crowd of ecstatic friends

Get Sum organizers, Mike Dee and Hodari De Palm debuted the set up at
2005's Cycle Messenger World Championships in New York City and
expanded to six American cities: NYC, Philly, DC, Boston, Baltimore,
and now Las Vegas. With their superior equipment set-up and iconic
status in NYC's messenger scene they've evolved to showcase the first
GoldSprints Series starting this Halloween in New York.

GoldSprints have the excitement, competition and community aspects of
messenger style street racing without the potential for major injury or
death. It can quickly and safely be organized in a party, party venue
or on stage.

GoldSprints can be hired for events allowing urban athletes from all
walks of life to get in on the excitement. Sponsorship is available for
a wide range of opportunities from equipment, transportation to
tournament prizes for participants. Sponsors getting in now will have
and undeniable right to be considered authentic and original as the
scene grows.

"The first time that I ever saw GoldSprints, it was the coolest thing
ever. Everyone wanted to keep it going." says Mike Dee, co-owner of Get
Sum Entertainment and star of the messenger documentary Red Light Go.
He is often citied as an authority on NYC messenger events and culture
through: VH1's can't get a date and's "Sex Advice" anthology
under the Chronicle Books imprint. Sponsorship, as well as event
inquiries from individuals and organizations should be directed to Mike
Dee at goldsprintsnyc


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