Monday, October 23, 2006

In another of the important high priority category of what the city needs...we find another lame, not a Jets stadium on the West side highway or a NASCAR track on Staten Island. This time its a giant water park on Randall's Island. Now not to be a spoiler of anyone's wet fun...but my first thought is...have you ever been to Randall's island besides for a rock concert? The place smells...bad. Not the kind of smell that would make me want to frolic in a giant wave pool with thousands of New Yorkers. What needs to be happening with Randall's Island is for it to stop being a dumping ground and start to embrace the nature. One person who knows a lot about this is environmentalist and community activist Harry Bubbins. Harry has done tireless work in organizing and protecting of community gardens in the South Bronx, leading environmental bike and kayak tours and working with young people to gain a better understanding of their environment.

Harry has been focusing his efforts on fighting the water park and more info on his work can be found at friends of Brook park

Now you can help by sponsering Harry in a is a letter from Harry:

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have been working hard to stop the water theme park on
Randall's Island and to preserve this rich resource for all New Yorkers.

This Saturday I am going to be in a triathlon for the cause, and I need you
to sponsor me!

Even just $1 a mile will go a long way to helping our lawyers push this case
through to victory for all of us.

Please make a donation at:

preserve Randall's island

and to learn more. (And to see a picture of me at the only other triathlon
I have ever done!)

Please pass this on to your friends and family and colleagues with a note.

Our goal is $1,000 in one week.

I will be thinking about you and your support as I run, bike and kayak the
approximately 19 mile course.




Blogger friendsofbrookpark said...

Wow, thanks for posting the info on the preeminent Bike Blogger site. Thanks to folks like you, our efforts to preserve Randall's Island are gaining momentum! Besides sponsoring me in the triathlon, folks could also go and attend the Parks Committee of the City Council on Friday November 3rd at 10 am!

11:12 AM  
Blogger friendsofbrookpark said...

Thanks, we won!

1:19 PM  

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