Monday, October 23, 2006

Down Under...

I would love to just report on fun cycling events all the time...unfortunately the NYPD is once again proceeding with the enormous stick up their ass and trying to stop critical mass once and for all, thus spoiling the fun.

More on that later.

Meanwhile, this weekend Sydney Australia played host to the 14th annual World Cycle Messenger Championships

Messengers from around the world competed in alleycat races, closed course races and specific skill competitions like trackstands and skids, all to see who is the fastest messenger in the world.

Here are the results:


Main Race
World Champion Male -
1st Raphael Faiss/ Lusanne
2nd Super Mike / San Francisco
3rd Rob Beijsens/ Eindhoven

Female -
1st Sarah Torgrimson/ San Francisco
2nd Anja Raecher/ Zurich
3rd Emma James / Sydney

Main Race first fixed - Male
Shino / Tokyo
Sarah / San Francisco

Alley Cats King of the streets -
Crazy Dave / Sydney
Best out of towner - Bruce Beran / D.C.

Sprints Male Rob Beijsens/ Eindhoven

Female Mary Maroon/ Sacramento

Skids Male Alex Farioletti/ NYC

Female Sarah Torgrimson/ San Francisco

Trackstand Male Andy Zalan / DC

Female Sarah / San Francisco

Backward circles Male Andy Zalan / DC

Female Megan / LA

Bunny Hop Turkey / Sydney

Wheelies Distance Felipe / NYC

Style Andy Zalan / DC

Here is an article from ABC news in Australia which came out Oct. 2nd.

article by Mark Colvin

you can also listen to the story at this link on MP3, real audio or WIndows media player.


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