Thursday, October 19, 2006

Build a Green Bakery...Bike Friendly

I first saw this on streetsblog. An eco-friendly bakery that gives 50% off to people arriving by bicycle. I asked the owner about it and she wrote back...

"Thanks for the email. Offering such a friendly discount to bicycling bakery customers is an effort to reach an enviromentally-friendly customer that is just as concerned about alternative transportation as they are organic & sustainably produced foods.

We think of ourselves as the greenest bakery on the planet: the floors, walls, paints, organic ingredients, staff uniforms, and energy practices - you name it. But we don't want our "green-ness" to stop at our front door. We want to encourage other businesses and home owners to green their environments, so we are happy to grant tours and talk to groups about why we think green construction is important. We want to encourage walking, use of public transportation, and bicycles as alternatives to cars, so we offer discounts to cyclists. I guess you could say that it started when a customer came from Brooklyn via bike just to get a muffin from our bakery. We thought that was so great for someone to travel on bike from another borough just for our muffin, that we started offering discounts to customers arriving on bike."

Sara Jane Weeks
General Manager
Birdbath, a k a Build A Green Bakery, a k a The City Bakery

The greenest bakery on the planet.

223 First Ave. in Manhattan.


Blogger sucka pants said...

I just worked a job that was catered by The City Bakery. Their stuff was amazingly delicious. Highly recommended.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

Yeah yeah whatever. Another crummy reminder I live in the WRONG town. CRAPOLA. Help me out, people. Click on the Santa and donate to help him rent an over-priced, roach-infested flat in Manhattan. I promise in ONE week, NYPD won't know what just hit them. They'll all be DEAD from laughing out LOUD.

4:01 AM  

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