Thursday, October 19, 2006

Spreading the word on a bike Creep.

This was originally posted on the NYBMA website and I want to spread the word:

Last week, a pedestrian was sexually assaulted by a messenger who used his agility in traffic to evade her, a cab, and a cop. Behaviour like this is NOT cool, and the bicycle community cannot condone it. If you think you might know who this guy is, please alert the NYBMA with information on him. Our frequently maligned public image doesn't need stuff like this. The pedestrian's letter to Squid & Amy is below:

"I'm hoping you can get the word out about a bike messenger that assaulted me on Madison Avenue at 33rd Street on Wednesday 10/11 at about 2:30pm.

I was walking on Madison towards a car that was waiting for me when a bike messenger riding towards me made a sharp turn at me, mumbled something and grabbed my breast as he rode past. I chased after him, as did a cab driver who witnessed the event, and even a police officer tried to catch him on foot, but he weaved in an out of traffic and got away.

He was a scrawny dark-skinned man wearing a beat up, dark colored bag that had 4 rows of what looked like taped-over or removed block lettering and/or numbers on the flap.

I think it's a shame that there is a messenger out there sexually assaulting women on the street while taking advantage of his ability to make a quick getaway through traffic. While he may have enjoyed himself, I've been unable to sleep and am furious at myself for not knocking his ass off his bike when he got too close. I have an enormous amount of respect for cyclist in the city and never dreamed he was swerving at me to grab my breast, I simply assumed he was swerving away from a car. Unfortunately I was wrong, but will certainly never make that mistake again."

PLEASE EVERYBODY WATCH OUT FOR THIS CREEP! If you know him please contact the NYBMA.


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