Monday, September 25, 2006

Awesome Alleycat Race

Every month the alleycat race, a messenger style scramble through a particular city, gets more complex. Anyone can put on one of these races, but it is the participants themselves which try and come up with the most unique race and forge ahead with new ideas on an old concept. Here is one, up coming that is truely original and combines many of the riding styles, skills and equipment. Track, Road, Alleycat, Street...this one has it all.

Here are the detaials:

On October 8th we present to you a challenge:
A flat-out road, city and track race that runs from Nyack to Kissena.


Racers must register in 2-man teams. This is a team race. At least one team member MUST be on a track bike.

On the morning of race day there will be a relaxed group ride from the city up to Nyack and the start line. That afternoon, the race begins. Teams will wind their way back home to NYC and through the beloved city streets that lead to Kissena Velodrome, where they will then compete in a Time Trial for points and victory.

Are you up to the challenge?

* * * * *


This race is not as hard as one might think. This race is about pacing yourself and riding smart - not just fast. Remember what happened to the Hare? That's right - they took him out back and shot him for what he done.

Strategy is a deciding factor in this race as always. Think man, think!

Prizes and sponsors to be announced.
Check this thread for updates.

You may register your team here now and have a place held for you.
Registration is $10 per racer.
So get a partner, figure out where Nyak is and RACE!


Blogger jim nachlin said...

I'm not a follower of the lleycats, but this seems like it might be a first - a stage race alleycat! Or is this common?

I know a dude who used to do the Bear Mountain ride on a track bike, but he's a maniac. That's a tough ride on one gear, no doubt about it.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome mike, thanks for putting this up for us! -CH

11:23 AM  
Anonymous How to Get Rid of Bad Breath said...

what is the price Mike??

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10:38 PM  

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