Friday, September 22, 2006

September goings on

Well this month has been extremely busy with video production so there have been less postings.

But here is a bit of what is going on in the bike culture world.

I was interviewed in the Metro newspaper about Critical Mass and Bikeblog. While I was working as a lighting technician on a German television program, Paul Berger of Metro New York and I, talked for a half hour about bicycle related subjects...the article came out in the paper today. Just a quick blurb...but, hey its exposure.

Thursday night, Crumpler bags had an opening night party for their messenger bag auction. People got a chance to see the bags, drink some free beer and hang out in a nice art gallery in Williamsburg. Crumpler USA, which makes nice messenger and laptop bags is hosting an auction where you can bid on one of a kind designed bags. Here are a few photos.
Out front of Gallery on Roebling, between South 2nd and South 3rd.

The Crowd and Mike Dee points to point of injury.

Some of the art bags

Luke and Brad (bag to us) from Trackstar

More bags on the wall

Bikers outside

The Bicycle Film Festival proceeds on its tour to San Francisco Sept. 28th-29th.

To watch some nostalgia from last year...the trailer is on line. Film makers Jesse Epstein and Mark Thomas made this cool trailer for the festival of 05 featuring messenger, DJ, Skater and Mashup artist Ted Shred.

Jesse is trying an experiment in on-line distribution., where the trailer is hosted is a video host unlike grouper, Youtube and They give the film makers 50% of the profits from advertisers if you click-on the ad at the end of the video. Jesse is trying to see the potential of this new market. So if you want to the ad. Then she makes a little money and can buy some tape stock to make more cool bike related videos. Really its just an experiment. If these sites are going to make money from advertising to host our videos...Shouldn't we see a bit of the profits? You decide.

Every year for the past 24 years bike makers gather in Las Vegas for Interbike. This year is the 25th time and I will be attending with a small cadre of bike messengers who are going to tear up the strip...on track bikes which I am affectionately calling: Gear and Loathing in Las Vegas. King Kog will be there along with MessNYC and there will be gold sprints hosted somewhere in town.

Heres what they say about it on their website:

Fuse 1,000+ brands with 10,000+ buyers from around the world and you have Interbike - the ultimate blend of industry leaders with innovative products in the bicycle business. The gathering kicks off with two days of OutDoor Demo in Bootleg Canyon - a world renowned outdoor cycling venue - and continues for three packed days of exhibits, product launches, insightful seminars, meetings and celebrations at Interbike Expo in Las Vegas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious, when paul berger asked you in the Metro article, "What do you say to people who say you are crazy?" what did he mean by that? Why would people think you are crazy? Because of the apparent danger of biking in NYC given the recent fatalities? Or just because they think it is unpleasant to ride a bike compared to riding in a car? Do people in fact say you are crazy?

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