Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Houston Street Safety Rally on Video

Clarence Eckerson of Bike TV, made this video about a recent Safety rally to address the dangers of Houston St.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how at the end of the video, during the barrier of people to make a safe bike lane, there was a pedestrian trying to cross the street and cut off a couple cyclists. What a dope!!

I am a cyclist too and I fight for our safety on the streets. But we also need to learn that cars/trucks/buses/bicycles dont control our actions; our actions dictate what the car/truck/bus/bicycle does. People just flat out need to face the consequences of their actions rather than trying to place blame to make themselves seem innocent to the situation.

I think the Motor Vehicle Assoc. should enstate that any person with a license is mandatory to take the drivers test every 5 years. Lets see how many drivers, especially ones that have been on the road for a while, have licenses afterwards. Promote saftey with education.

10:14 AM  

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