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DU HUMMER new for 05

Du hummer, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

"In this age of terror, who wants to be defensive behind the wheel? It's time for you to become an offensive driver-and General Motors, with the help of the US Armed Forces, will make you one. Introducing the brand new DU Hummer, now available for civilian purchase. Depleted uranuim is an incredibly dense nuclear waste product that our soldiers use as ammunition to incinerate Iraqi evildoests from miles away. It's not enough these days to just have a support the troops magnet on your hummer. Now you can be exposed to the same toxic radiation our young men and women fighting in Iraq are exposed to everyday. What better way to support the troops then to buy one of these and it gives us a place to put this nasty radiactive material. Expose yourself to cancerous levels of toxins and your neighbors too."

This fake ad was sent to me by email and I found it rather hilarious. Not that there is anything funny about Depleated Uranium and how the US army has lied to the American soldiers about its dangerous toxic levels.

The Tats crew of NYC at are really amazing arisol artists who have done highly skilled pieces on many of New York's walls. They are known for doing memorial murals and advertising for record labels like Tommy Boy and Coca-Cola.

Recently they put up an ad in Williamsburg for the new H3 hummer. Why are rap stars so into this shit? Personally, I love graffiti art but I think painting for major corporations with horrible records on the environment is seriously whack. Someday I hope the hip-hop generation realizes they are being targeted for the most unhealthy crap on the planet. Oh well, have another 40 and drink more Henesey.

Meanwhile the attack on civil liberties in NYC finally getting detailed coverage in the main stream press.

2 nights ago, ABC nightline had a length story about how the police have been doctoring video footage and why they are so insistant on documenting police activity at demonstrations. This comes after a New York Times investigation found that the police had edited footage of an arrest during the Republican National Convention with the intention of disproving the reality of the otherwise peacefull behavior of that person under arrest.

Bill of Time's Up recently sent out this message:

Turning up the Heat

In the last couple of months Time’s Up! and the community has been going on the offense which is a change from the winter months when we were on the defense. People are catching on and supporting the truth or peeps are at least questioning issues which they have not done in a while. Everybody seems to be working together, from the politicians, community boards, corporate media (??), artist community and huge support from videos and photographers. In the last 2 weeks Time’s Up! has contacted the NYC parks department, the DOT, Civilian Complaint Review Board and had a meeting with NYC District Attorney in which Gideon, myself, Matthew and Charlie Komanoff were present. Last night there was a huge story on Nightline focusing on unwarranted arrests and covered the police lying in a bicycle related arrest. It also talked about the success of our videotape evidence and documentation.

Today I have learned that the NY Times have asked for a full investigation of the arrest of one of their reporters. The police department has agreed and is turning the case over to Internal Affairs. We have excellent videotape of this arrest. There are many offensive strategies taking place and the truth is starting to come out. But as we know these are scary times and a lot of people are afraid to stand up to the government even if they know the truth. It is amazing that a small budgeted group like ours is at the front line in pushing the envelope. Everybody should be proud of themselves. Of course we are going to have to bump up security for the next couple of months and see how this situation pans out. We know the city does not have a good track record in backing down or admitting they were wrong.

Visit for a listing of great free bicycle events in June.

See you on the streets.


Anonymous k.see said...

nother cyclist killed in NYC

was riding down fifth ave after it happened.
i fucking hate cars, cops and urban planning with no
consideration for real humyn beings

1:28 AM  
Blogger webdude said...

A murual for a hummer would get painted over in my area of London, the normal billboards advertising SUV's don't last long at the moment.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Samuel Kirsch said...

k.see, New York City is not a city for cyclists. There are few pro-cyclists laws and no legally set-aside portion of the street for cyclists. If you can find enough people in the city to lobby for legislation to get the laws changed, then be my guest. Until then, riding a bike in the public streets of new york city is taking your life into your own hand, live with it. Don't lauch into a tyrade about cops, cars and urban planners just because a majority of the population of the city does not see fit to lobby for laws that support cyclists. No offence, but if you want to ride a bike, go to a park, or choose another city to live in... otherwise, keep your mouth shut, i'd like to see you live and function in a world with cops, cars, or urban planners.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Michael Green said...

Samuel, Very hostile, switch to decaf. There are plenty of laws that govern the road that cyclists adhere too. They are vehicular traffic and subject to the same laws as cars. When large motor vehicles run red lights and kill mother's and their babies crossing the streets should we say that walking in New York city is taking your life into your own hands? The drivers that killed the two woman recently had no idea that had even commited homicide. Ok it was an accident. Then lets know the driver's name and the companys they work for so that when we see the phone number on the back of the truck that says, "how's my driving" we can call in and say "great I love a driver who kills people and has no idea they did it" There is also lots of legislation happening towards more urban development for bicylces, check out Transportation Alternatives to find out what is going on. Despite what corporate America would like you to think...we are a community of human beings that must learn to live together and that includes choics people make towards the different modes of transportation. This is not some Utopian hippie fantasy. I would like you to try and live in a world where cycling is more popular and there is a thriving community of bicycle riders, advocates and enthusiasts...its happening now and its called New York City. I don't want to live in a world without cops, cars and urban planners. I want the cops to enforce the law equally towards bicycle and motor vechiles, for cars to respect the rights of others and the urban planners to realize we are addicted to oil and car culture and its going to lead to the extintion of the human race. Vroom Vroom, rev it Samuel!!!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TatsCru hummer ad on 2nd Street off Avenue A, recently defaced:

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more:

4:35 PM  

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