Tuesday, May 24, 2005

bike fetish day flyer

bike fetish day flyer, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

Bike Blog seems to be reaching far and wide.

I got a response from someone in Australia who was appalled by the recent killing of 21 year old Brandi Bailey, here in NYC.

This person has been involved with a similar accident to fellow Australian Ian Humphrey who was killed by a hit and run by a 50 year old lawyer in November 2003

The blog that follows this legal case is:


After critical mass and the reverend Billy bicycle legal defense fund fundraiser there is a street party dedicated to bicycles on May 28th.

Bicycle Fetish Day_May 28 (Saturday): 12:00 PM-6:00 PM_Havemeyer Street between Grand and Hope Streets (Brooklyn) The block will be closed to all vehicular traffic and open to all people who have fetishized their beloved bicycles. In the typical car show style, bicycles of all genres will be lined up for showing off to all the passersby and fellow bicycle enthusiasts. This event will bring together the many diverse cycling clubs and styles of New York City. Representing their unique styles will be clubs such as; The Civic Riders Bicycle Club, The Moustache Riders, Classic Riders Bicycle Club, Puerto Rico Schwinn Club, Black Label Bicycle Club, Bicycle Works NYC, Bicycle Cherry, Foodswings, NYC Bikes, as well as unaffiliated individuals on low-riders, track, vintage, mountain and home-made bikes plus so many more! There will be contests, food, music and prizes by local bicycle friendly vendors. Get out the polish and chamois. Your bike just may be the best on the block!_Civic Riders Bicycle Club and the City Reliquary Museum: www.cityreliquary.org Time’s Up will be on hand with a bicycle sound system and bike powered blender to make smoothies….mmmmm.


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