Monday, April 04, 2005

Bike Libretad

bikes-liberated, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

About 8 of us freed our bikes from Bikeland Guantanamo. There were no hassles from the police, no summons, no questions. Some of the bikes were dinged up and a few chainrings bent.
One person had his gear cable snaped to a vintage internal hub, which is hard to fix.

One woman who had her bike taken and not arrested in February did not get her bike back from the 520 Kingsland Ave, spot. The police do not know where it is.

NY1 news was there in answer to a press release that was sent out. A lone camera woman/reporter came an shot video of the bikes coming out of the loading dock and interviewed about 6 of us.

Free at last...Still we ride!


Anonymous ksee said...

same comment as the one posted on the next post

I know its a pretty ridiculous thing to point out, and Im not attacking or intend to make anyone defnesive. Can people be conscious of using names like "Guantanamo" and how it desensitizes the reality of the REAL Guantanamo, I know its sort of in jest, but they were impounded, in bike jail, not being tortured. I ask that when naming activities after Abu Ghraib or the aforementioned you actually raise pertinent issues about those places, and not just use it for your political satire.

Congrads to those that got their bikes back, see you last friday of April! or 2nd Friday in BKLYN!

3:56 AM  

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