Thursday, March 24, 2005

NYC sues Times Up!

Well, here we go again. One day before the NYC march 25th, 2005 Critical Mass bike ride...a ride that had been going on for over six years in NYC, the last friday of every month and happens in over 400 cities across the globe, for more than 10 years.

The police get angry and tattle to their Mommies. All you Republicans out there, who want less government involvement, less frivolous law suits with your "tort reform"...yet God forbid one woman has her feeding tube removed....Wah Wah Wah, MORE GOVERNMENT, MORE GOVERNMENT!!!! Let's take this to the Supreme Court! We must preserve the culture of life...Oh we just killed 30 people in Iraq, well they must have been insurgents, quick hide the bodies, deny everything and if any unembeded journalists come snooping around here, well will kill them too, after all Iraq must have democracy and a free press.

Oh, a federal judge said you don't need a permit to ride your bike in NYC? Well will just keep arresting people on the bike ride and we need more government intervention...why we need a law that says riding in critical mass without a permit is illegal.

A message to the NYPD...We are not against you. The bike ride has not been taken over by anarchists. Try thinking for yourselves for once when you go to that meeting with that power point presentation that shows you pictures of black clad youth fighting cops. This is a bike ride. Nothing has changed in 6 years other than the fact that it has gotten more popular.
Stop arresting us. Stop harrassing us. Stop trying to act like a bunch of sniviling babies and filing law suits. Your flyers and sound system annoucement before each ride isn't working. Still we show up, still we ride, Still you bomb Iraq so Dick Chenney can get rich on a fuel substance that is running out and we can't control its price. WAh Wah Wah. New York's Boldest? Courtesy, Proffessionalism and Respect? There are much more important things to clean up in NYC. You shouldn't get so worked up on the last Friday night of each month. You have to think about your retirement and that fat pension you'll get when you retire in West Chester county.

Anyway here is whats going on taken from a report in

New York City filed a lawsuit this week, seeking to prevent the TIME'S UP! nonprofit environmental group from promoting or advertising events that the city alleges to be illegal. The lawsuit also states that TIME'S UP! and the general public cannot participate in riding or gathering at the Critical Mass bike ride. It claims that any event whatsoever with 20 or more persons require a permit.

TIME'S UP! states that this case is ridiculous, selective enforcement. Everyday there are hundreds of events that goes on with more than 20 people without a permit. Furthermore, we advertise hundreds of events each year promoting sustainable environmental solutions. Some of the events we organize and others we are just passing along the word. Our right to do so is protected under the First Amendment.

We are hoping for a friendly outcome that would benefit the people of NYC and we are actively seeking funds to defend the right to assemble and the right to free speech, without a permit.


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