Sunday, March 20, 2005

March 19th, New York Protest against the war

First day of Spring, hard to tell in the drizzle of a cold March 20th. Yesterday were protests against the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq in over 700 cities throughout the US, as well as all over the world. This marks the 2nd anniversary of the coalition forces invasion of Iraq.

Here in New York were a number of demonstrations and rallies.

There was a Freedom Bike Ride in the vein of "Bike Bloc" a tactic to use bicycles on the day of protest event to support the marches and to send the message of non-polluting transportation against oil wars. Bike Blocs have been successful in New York in previous anti-war demonstrations, although last year during the Republican National Convention, a squadron of plain clothes NYPD officers on mopeds attacked the bike ride.

This year, there were reports of no arrests.

Meanwhile the war resisters league lead a march of about 200 people across midtown to Times Square. Carrying cardboard coffins draped in US flags and wearing images of killed US soldiers. The group made a strong visual statement to the numbers of US troops killed in these on going occupations.

36 people were arrested during civil disobedience actions in New York outside military recruiting stations in time's square and in downtown Brooklyn.

These marches and actions were smaller then previous ones in NYC, but keep alive on going sentiment against the war and the anti-war movement itself.

There was a march from Harlem to Central park organized by the Troops out now coalition. The idea of having it start in Harlem was to make the connection that low-income and people of color make up a majority of the armed forces in America and are often the hardest hit by the death toll and casualties resulting from foreign wars and occupation.

For pictures, video and eye witness accounts of the M19 actions check out:


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