Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the saddest girl ever… I was ushered into spring riding a crappy, mis-sized, slowwww bike to work. I commute from Chinatown to Washington Heights so it’s wasn’t any short Sunday ride. Apparently 50 of our bikes are MISSING off the face of this earth! Saturday morning, less than 14 hours after my bike was STOLEN by the NYPD I walked from the precinct on Broome and Pitt (where I heard the bikes were) to the precinct on Elizabeth and Canal, to 1 Police Plaza where they said they had no clue where my bike would be, and by the way- they weren’t open until Monday anyway. Monday morning I spent 45 minutes calling around. I called the 13th precinct, two different NYC taskforce numbers (I have them at home), the Manhattan Clerk, Brooklyn Clerk, and 311 who gave me more dead ends. An officer at one of the Taskforce numbers told me to “befriend” someone who had gotten arrested, since our bikes were bound to be in the same place. This morning I tried again, talked with Luit. O’Mally from the 13th precinct who was pissed anyone even transferred me to him. He gave me 212-760-8301 the number for the Manhattan Task Force and spoke with Officer Vega who gave the number 212-239-9811 which ended up being the Manhattan South Task Force who got angry and gave me the number which I had just called (8301). This is seriously getting ridiculous. I think about that bike like a toothy prostitute thinks about crack.
-jamie (aka "jaimie")

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


After finding out that the warehouse in brooklyn where they have our bikes has a sign which says "No DA release form no bikes, no exceptions" I've been trying again to locate the missing link...
Here it goes-

311- asking for information to the NYPD property division. They gave me the NYPD Switchboard 646-610-5000

NYPD Switchboard- Transfered me to the Manhattan Property Clerk who told me there was nothing I do without a voucher.

Called the 13th Precinct- Officer Considine who told me to call the Manhattan Property Clerk (duh) or the Taskforce 212-760-8301

Taskforce- told me they have no paperwork to give me since I was not arrested. that there was nothing they -could- give me. The told me to call the Midtown Community Court 646-264-1311 or 212-484-2756. When I asked for the officers name he said "It didn't make a difference." When I asked again he said "Brestle" I spelled it out this way and he said "yes".

DA Community Affairs Unit
They said it does not fall under their jurisdiction so they can't help me. Linda "Jenae" who said I have to resolve this with the NYPD. Our office has No role because it is only involved with criminal affairs.
(At that time she took my name and number and said she would call me back...)

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Anonymous tisch said...


Go to for more info

or just show up at Otto's Shrunken Head on Sat. May 7th for the BOOT Bloomberg Benefit Party....get this F***er OUT!!!!
Contact us at to get involved in our grassroot effort to get our NYC back.

Tell all your friends.

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