Thursday, March 31, 2005

rock against Bloomberg!!

rock against Bloomberg, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

So our beloved real-estate developer billionaire has made the top 50 most Loathsome New Yorkers. Clever New York Press writers and editors put this list out each year. Check it out in this weeks issue.

It was an obvious choice.

Every election year I always feel like having to recap all the crap things our mayor does in order to try and convince people not to vote for them. I didn't have to look too hard. This is the democrat (so he says) who brought the Republican National Convention here and felt fine to turn this left-leaning town into a militarized police state with things like a free-speech zone and defending the precious lawn of Central Park over our constitution rights to assemble…never stopped those attending the Dave Matthews Band. This is the mayor who felt fine in locking up people in a toxic bus depot after pre-emptive arrests in orange nets, before people were even allowed to engage in civil disobedience…why even give them the chance to break the law?

This stadium obsessed rich boy who tells us to do more with less likes to close our much for our nation's heroes.

And now he seems just fine with letting the NYPD lock us up and steal our property over the critical mass bike ride, which is not illegal.

First they take away our bike ride, then the take away our bikes and then they take away our rights.

Not being satisfied with arrests of cyclists engaged in their lawful right to ride their bikes in the streets, Lovely Mr. Bloomberg is now filing suit to make it illegal to even advertise about the bike ride.

Norman Siegel, running for Public Advocate said it best: "Could you imagine if Doctor Martin Luther King wasn't allowed to talk about a rally or tell people to sit down at those lunch room counters in the South during the civil rights movement."

So I would like to see a Rock compilation album called: Rock against Bloomberg following on the successful propaganda campaign of Rock against Bush. Ok, ok, I know it wasn't successful in getting ride of Baby Bush...but it sold well and registered a lot of kids to at least attempt to make it to the polls, despite the Republican intervention.

So I say we make an album of local NYC bands and use it as a fundraiser to defeat this clown of a mayor we have now…Eventually it will lead to a venue with 5 or 6 of the bands.

Who's with me???


Anonymous Derek said...

Great idea about the album/show. I'd like to talk to you about participating- how can I get in touch with you?

10:43 AM  
Blogger Long Island Guide said...


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Thank you,


6:05 PM  
Anonymous alex said...

thats funny the police give a shit, at the san diego critical mass, they dont do much besides PROTECT us from cars trying to kill us. although, our critical mass is usually small. ti sucks.

12:42 PM  

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