Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm still going off about April First weekend!

If what happened on the first few days of April is any indication of what’s in store for the bike/messenger culture scene...we are in for some serious kick ass action!

Let's review:

--An amazing NYC critical mass on the last day of March with the reconvene in Washington Square park and a most defiant crowd daring to continue to ride, despite the divide and conquer tactics of the NYPD.

--In Philadelphia there was the 6th annual April fool's Alleycat hosted by R.E.Load bags, makers of custom designed backpacks and messengers style goods.

--NYC had it's annual mixed bag alleycat hosted by Steve Klien and had the participants going all over town.

--Paris had an alley cat, apparently it's first...More details to follow and a flickr page of picts form Paris

Here are the race results:

Here are the results of the 1st international Paris alley-cat taking place april 1st:

1-YVES 1H01
2-gautier 1H01
3-jahboud 1H04
4-makwa 1H07
5-tonio 1H08
6-reno 1H08
7-juanito 1H16
8-gab 1H16
9-max 1H17
10-phil 1H18
11-raoul 1H30
12-olivier 1H30 premier non coursier
13-vladimir 1H41
14-lapin_marron 1H41 2e non coursier
15-coco 2H00 3e non coursier
16-karot 2H08 4e non coursier
17-gwenou 2H11 5e non coursier
18-axel 2H20 premier fixie
***Some miss check point because they got arrested by the police
19-rob 2H43 2e fixie/San Fransisco
20-josephine 2H43 team vélocité/lausanne
21-blaize 2H43 team vélocité/lausanne
22-agata 2H43 3e fixie/London/Poland
23-ckqrisse 2H43

***Not sure what all the numbers mean, but people missed check points because they got arrested by the police? Sounds like they are starting their messenger race scene off just right.

--New Haven, CT had a race as well on April 1st. The "Go Straight to Hell" alleycat.
Monique had this to say:

"Since it was april fools, there were alot of tricks involved. The racers started off giving their bags and their bikes to the volunteers where they placed the bags in the middle of the new haven green in a pile and their bikes were placed 200 ft. away from their bags on top of a stage that they had to climb onto to get them. They had to run to get thier bags and then their bikes. Throughout the race, they were given new manifests so it was unclear how many stops there were and when and where was the end.
there weren't too many tasks. there was one where the riders had to blow a balloon and dance at the same time. Then bring the balloon unpopped to the finish line.
there were 24 riders total. so, it was an alright turnout. the first place prize was a monkey statue holding a plate. plus, there was a four dollar entrance fee and the first place male got half and so did the first lady. the last place racer got his four dollars back.
thats about it.....

She also mentioned four ladies raced and others worked the checkpoints. Nice to see the ladies involved.

Check out the New Haven myspace page

She also has a flickr page

--Then there was a crazy mutant bike fest in Richmond VA, hosted by the cutthroats. Perhaps you missed "Slaughtertrama 3" and the creation of the "whiplash" where two bikers are tied together by bungee cords and take off in different directions. The first person to fall off loses.

Priratelove has a pictures up and wrote this about the event:
"The photos are of the Cutthroats Slaughterama 3...
It's on an island in the middle of the river here in Richmond.. there's a large paved area that it's held on.. lots of bike games, etc."


--Did I miss anything?


Blogger stupid said...

Looks like the "alley cat" style of event is taking off.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


One little correction: the whiplash was not invented there. It's been used in several CHUNKATHALONs since its introduction in 2002, when it was called the "Harness Snap."

Slaughterama was a fucking blast.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know if the checkpoints for the Paris race are posted anywhere? It looks like the numbers are the race times, and '2e' is the french equivalent to the english '2nd'

6:44 PM  
Blogger Sucka Pants said...

missed a bit. . . here.

10:51 PM  

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