Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fools race in Philly

The people at r.e.load bags great designers of messenger work bags and belt pouches, put on a great time for their 6th Annual April Fools Race. This was a scavenger hunt style fun race with a four page manifest that had to be completed for points. Participants had to answer triva questions and perform stunts as they raced around the narrow streets of Philly. I had a blast.
Squid, from team Puma, NYC took 1st over all and best out of pays to follow the right locals.

Great time...Thanks to Carrie and Roland (who was out of town in Japan) from r.e.load baggage.

More pictures coming soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mike-
There was an April Fools Race in NYC too. It went from Lincoln Square to Battery Park, and ended at 245th in the Bronx. Austin took first place and finished well ahead of everyone else. I think maybe 1/2 the riders who started actually made it.

7:54 PM  

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