Friday, March 31, 2006

Ever ridden an Alley Cat race?

There are two fun races this Saturday, April Fool's Day, for the novice and the season pro.

Steve Klein hosts this one every year in NYC and it is a great time, no experience required and it's only a dollar.

For those in Philly, reload bags is having a scavenger hunt style are some details...again this one is on Sat.

6th Annual R.E.Load April Fool's Extravaganza
Oh man, it's that time of year again!! April Fool's Day actually falls on a Saturday this year! So we're getting geared up for the ^th Annual R.E.Load April Fool's Extravaganza. If you've done this race in the past, you know what it's about: Silliness and fun in Philly, As always, for a paltry $5 entry fee you'll get a spoke card, limited edition tee shirt, and entry into the race and after party. We run this race so that's absolutely accessible to anybody with a bike, whether you're a student, comuter, or season courier veteran. It's really more of an overall "fun ride" than a race - unless you decide to be really serious about it and try to win a new hubset or $400 custom bag....We do this event scavenger hunt-style, with tons of optional checkpoints, dumb tasks such as freestyle rhyming about your bike, break dancing, or playing cee low for points, and of course the obligatory "you got fooled!" fake checkpoints. We usually get about 150 participants for this thing, So if you're looking to find one of the biggest events on the east coast, this is it. It's all gonna go down on Saturday April 1st, 2pm. Register in the back alley of R.E.Load. Sponsored by R.E.Load, Level, Kryptonite, Swobo, Outlaw Print co., Depot Japan, Fabric Horse, Gerikmade, Randl, Ellie's hat co., Bike Therapy, 4916 Clothing, Cadence Clothing, and more. Large beer sponsor to be announced shortly.

***R.E.Load store is 608 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19123***

Ok TONIGHT IS CRITICAL all know what to do...go to Union Square at 7:00pm, ride your bike in a's not illegal, it never was. And it's more fun then driving your SUV into a sinkhole.

The Apprentice uses non-union crews to shoot this highly sucessful tv show because Donald Trump is poor and needs to save money. Chevy is currently having an online contest, to promote the Apprentice and the 2007 Chevy Tahoe, where instead of using their marketing directors to sell SUV's, they want YOU, joe public to use your creativity to make adds, because Chevy is poor and needs to save money. So you go to the website, they provide the video clips and music, you provide the words. I don't think these adds are what they had in mind.

video clip 1
video Clip 2
video Clip 3


Blogger superimportant said...

those ads are awesome. Too bad they're flash video. Somebody needs to grab & mirror them before Chevy notices & pulls 'em.

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