Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool's Mixed Bag Alleycat

Know where these streets are in Manhattan?

1. Lincoln Center (the start. Not obscure)
2. Edgar St. (financial district)
3. Stone St. (financial district)
4. Rose St.
5. Freeman's Alley
6. Cherokee St. (77th & York)
7. Grant's Tomb
8. Sylvan Terrace (168th & St. Nicholas)
9. The Little Red Lighthouse underneath the George Washington Bridge
10. The Cloisters
11. 245th & Broadway in the Bronx: Finish.

Steve Klien did. He's been hosting the mixed bag Alleycat race on April 1st for years now. This is a low-tech get a xeroxed black and white flyer and then your at Steve's mercy. Looking at these streets, the racers had to put on some serious milage...not a great race for those with a too hard a saddle.
Steve's in the Pirate hat.

Time's Up's own:
Austin won the race as top male and Jamie won as top female...two racers to watch for. Also a tough competator Izumi, posted some pictures. izumi's photos


Anonymous Anonymous said...


i still plan to finish the damn thing! i live on 172nd and made it that far saturday before a pit stop waylaid me. i still have to do the checkpoints north of that (easy to find!!). any prizes for absolute totally dead last, steve??????


7:01 PM  

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