Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Freewheels and bike laws

People have been asking what is legal and what is not in regards to equipment on a bicycle in NYC. A lot of this stems from the March critical Mass, the second ride in which the police changed tactics and issued summons to people instead of just making an arrest. The summons were often for failure to stop at a red light, which is part of the law that bicycles are subject to the same rules as motor vehicles.

Freewheels...has these laws listed on their website, bike law nyc The laws talk about what equipment you bicycle should have such as a warning devise or lights.
Of course this may not help you with the whims of the NYPD, but it is good to be prepared.

Their website is full of information about laws, what to do if your bike is confiscated and how to deal with these summons.

In support of Freewheels, the organization that started the bicycle defense fund, they are having a fundraiser after the next Brooklyn Critical...April 14th, 2005
Friday, Apr. 14, after the ride
South Side Lounge in Williamsburg
(41 Broadway at Wythe)

Funds raised go toward fighting appeals for the January and February 2005 Critical Mass arrestees. Raffle, fun, prizes!


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