Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bike TV with new video and Time's Up wants you to Hang out.

Clarence Eckerson, of bike tv has been hanging out in Portland Oregon, documenting transportation issues and the greatest bike city in America.
Here is his latest 4 minute piece about "Breakfast on the Bridge" a monthly ritual where cyclists hand out free coffee and pastries to fellow bike riders on their morning commute. It features my good friend Ken Southerland of shift to bikes.
you can also catch all the other bike tv pieces on this page.

--Time's Up is begining to kick off their BBQ season as the Spring weather begins to get nicer, despite the April showers.

Here is a space update (49 East Houston) from Bill, executive director of Time's Up: (Come by and help out)

"The weather is getting better and we're switching into summer mode,
which means we are opening up the back garden. It is a little tougher
this year because we don't have the luxury of the lot next door to
store bikes and other stuff. So we are hoping more people will chip in
to fix the collective's bikes. This is a good project for an intern or
for someone who wants to learn how to fix bikes.

We've been selling a lot of bikes this past week, but we are now sold
out. Mack talked to his super and got us some great bike donations
that were abandoned in his building's basement. Let's put the word out
to all the supers in the world.

This Thursday, we will be using the garden for our volunteer meet and
greet BBQ. At last Sunday's volunteer work day, a couple of super
volunteers helped move stuff around in the back yard and build some
steps. Now we're looking to plant some greenery. Do you have any
outdoor plants to donate, or would you like to help? We also have a
relationship with Trader Joe's on 14th street where we can get regular
donations of food. If anyone can help pick food up, let me know. We're
also going to start phasing out the Sunday volunteer day and focus
more on the outdoor BBQ and possible Brooklyn Committee picnics(??).

As far as saving the space or finding a new one, there will be a
space/fundraising meeting on the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm,
starting April 18. You are welcome to join in.

We are still looking for more solid volunteers for movie night, a few
more mechanics, and our computers at the space seem to be in a
constant state of disrepair. The original idea for these computers was
that they would be used for Time's Up!-related activity, including
promoting event"


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