Monday, September 17, 2007

Hang out it Zurich and race for 6 days.

What could be more fun then traveling and biking...

Check out the site

picture by Joshua Whitesnake mess nyc

commercial preview of the event on mess nyc

From the site:
A Zurich Bicycle Courier Velodrome Extravaganza Part 2!

Like the year before, this year around New Year’s an army of bicycle messengers
and general bike aficionados from all over the world will be flocking to Zurich.
While the local cycling temple Hallenstadion has the elite of international track
racers competing in the Zurich Sixdays, they will gather to celebrate their own X-Days.
Bicycle messenger don’t just make their mark on the tarmac of the street. They also know
how to look right on the boards that stage the drama of six day racing. Naturally, they
want to see the pros race and they will lend them their vocal support. But the fastest
among the messengers will also race each other in front of the same crowd.
Still, there’s much more to the X-Days! Just like in the early stages of Six Day racing,
an X-day still has 24 hours. Back then, the racers were subjected to around-the-clock hard
labour in smoke-filled venues while the audience gave their best at partying hard. Similarly,
the X-days will bring 7 days full of side events that will test the perseverance of those
partaking, including bike polo, alleycat races, lake jump on ice, fondue BBQ, parties,
a karaoke contest, and to finish things off on a relaxing note, a sauna visit. What more
could a bicycle messenger crave for?


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