Monday, September 10, 2007

Bike blog is coming back...

So I am working on a monthly calender, that will be a downloadable PDF...if I can figure out how to post a pdf to blogger.

The calender will be per month and have hyperlinks to the details of the events.

Please send me your events so they can get posted to the schedule: Alleycats, tours, races, mutant bike events, screenings, eco-conferences...

Not just NYC, but the US and beyond.

Meanwhile a couple of races are coming up:

September 15th...4th installment of the 5 borough generals race

Its not too late to join the fun...
So far Austin Horse with 60 points and Dan Chabanov, 59, are in a tight battle.

Upcoming in October, Jon of Les Demon Cats wanted me to post the D.C. alleycat honoring the 40th anniversary of the death of revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

D.C. couriers always throw down a great time so come to the nations capital and have some Revolutions of your own, the cadence kind.



Anonymous brklynsurfer said... has a calender i think might help you. you create an RSS feed of the events in the month, plug it into and you get an embeddable calendar that i think is printable too. Also might be a good idea to put it in ical format , , so people can put it into their mac, Google, or 30boxes calendars

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