Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bike blog calender of events.

For is a link to my Calender.

Its being hosted on my .mac account. Go to this page and download the pdf that says bikeblogcalender.

The calender has hyperlinks to the details of the events.

Is there anyway to just put up the url of the pdf? What would be the web address on a .mac account? And thank you to brooklyn surfer for the info on I am working on that.


Blogger Adam said...

The link directly to the .pdf is below.

But my suggestion is to start using Google Calendars. It's free, you can update it on the fly and readers can add it to their Google calendar and it will update when you update it. I have one for my cycling blog. Check it out at the link below. Might require a Google account, I'm not sure. But I highly recommend one.


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