Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bike Polo in NYC.

Bike Polo is alive and well in NYC. This new sport, gained popularity in cities like Portland Oregon...there is a picture log on Mess Magazine (Bike polo pictures from Portland)

Now, its being played weekly in Lower Manhattan--Here is an artilce from a local NYC paper-Downtown This article is not found on-line, but a fellow biker, scanned it and put it up.

Trackstar , NYC's track bike boutique, is hosting the:

Eastside Polo Invitational 2, April 27th-29th. Looks like a great time to watch and check out what Bike Polo is all about...kind of like hockey and Polo... Teams of either 3 on 3 or 4's, depending on how many people show up. NYC teams have formed and are ready to do battle next weekend...check out the Trackstar website for more information....There is also a Bike Prom...
during the weekend.


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