Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chritine Quinn, parading and pedicabs

Christine Quinn, head of the city council, was just on the Brian Lehrer show (10:30am 4/17/06) She was defending her approval of the NYPD making parade regulations and believes that the new LAW, was a fair assesment of a lot of HARD WORK on the issues of free assembly. In other words Christine Quinn believes in free assembly and the right to protest as long as it is not more than 50 people. She also believes the police have the right to go over the city councils authority in order to put these laws in effect. It really seems after listening to her on this show that, once she was a vehement fighter for gay rights in NYC, then got into a position of power and is now all about regulations and catering to the corporate interests of the city.

This Thursday there will be a demonstration to oppose these new parade laws:

City Hall Park, NYC

Calling All Queers, Allies and Anyone Affected by NYPD’s New Rule!!

Join us in the streets as we challenge the NYPD’s new law preventing assembly. Or cheer us on from the sidelines.

We’re going to assemble at City Hall Park to PARADE WITHOUT A PERMIT! Let Speaker Quinn and the rest of City Council know that the police don’t write laws! Bring your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers! Bring noisemakers, signs, and singing, dancing bodies to reclaim our streets and pronounce a big FUCK YOU to politicians like Quinn who sell our rights down the historical river for political gain!

more about this on the indymedia nyc website

This protest was also announced during the Brian Lehrer interview, who has really been on top of the issues of critical mass and parade rules.

Christine Quinn continued on the show about Pedi Cabs. She was upset with the recent Daily News op-ed which claimed she was striving to regulate the number of pedicabs in the city, despite Mayor Bloombergs veto, because she is friends with a lobist who works for the taxi industry. The taxi cabs are against the amount of pedicabs because of competition.

Once again, Christine Quinn, gave no real insight into this debate. She is for regulations and says that Yellow cabs have a cap so why can't pedicabs? Gee I don't know...maybe because PEDICABS don't pollute the planet!


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