Friday, April 06, 2007

Villager Article on March Critical Mass

Jefferson Siegel reports on last month's critical mass in the latest villager newspaper. Here is a more detailed report at what went on at this pivotal critical mass ride.

villager article


Blogger Mike said...

If we as cyclists seek to attain equal rights and status as cars we should consider the following: 1) Drivers driving without brakes because it's cool. Think that's stupid? I can stop my manual transmission car and start it again just fine without brakes. 2) People driving cars without functioning lights. 3) People in cars deciding they want have a random and spontaneous parade on a friday night on city streets after drinking a bunch of beer.

Around here apparently the law abiding are trying to take back the mass from the fixie hipster pbr swillers. Perhaps that's futile, but it's a start.

Also consider this: does it make more of an impact for motorists to see a big slow moving blob of bikes? or would it be more effective if the first/last friday of the month everywhere you look there's a bicyclist or two, on every street, at every intersection, on the front of every buss, outside of every cafe pub and bar. Not slowong anyone down, not causing a scene, not breaking any laws, just everywhere proving the point that bikes are more efficient, and better for everyone.


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