Sunday, June 11, 2006

Race results from Ottawa 6+6+06 race

There were a ton of alley cats in various cities on the day of Satan's seed rising in the form of Brad and Angelina's baby...6-6-06.

Here is a report from Ottawa:

Ottawa's 666 Alley Cat, "Storming the Kingdom of Heaven"went down as our biggest weekday race ever. We had twenty five racers show up, mostly messengers but we also had our 'civy fixie brigade make an appearance. We might not all be messengers but we all share the one dark Lord! Twenty one people finished, three DNFed and one just never came back, sacrificed so the rest of us can live on. No one was seriously hurt, but i think most of us were hurtin' the next day whether that was from the race, the bar or a combination of both.
2 manifests, 2 provinces, 6 bridges crossings, 5 different 'hoods x2. Some of us still trying to recover.
Here are the final results of the race.
Manifest 1 Finish
1. Alexis, Son of Satan 44:45 1:18:45
2. Angelo 45:10 1:20:35
3. Choco 49:15 1:22:20
4. Eric 50:20 1:22:30
5. Patrice 50:20 1:22:40
6. Jacob, Satan's Concubine 50:20 1:25:55
7. Rambo 48:50 1:26:20
8. Chris 52:00 1:27:00
9. Steve L 48:45 1:28:00
10.Trauma 55:30 1:30:30
11.James 57:00 1:31:20
12.Brian W 58:50 1:37:34
13.Jen 1:02:50 1:41:45
14.Dong 55:35 1:45:00
15.Isa 1:02:55 1:46:50
16.Cory 1:09:40 1:50:35
17.Crazy Dave (3 flats) 1:13:35 1:50:55
18.A.K. 1:08:00 1:51:40
19.Brian O 1:08:20 1:54:15
20.Eric (mtl) 1:12:50 2:01:10
DFL.. Steve 1:16:50 2:28:17

DNF Lunchbox
DNF General
DNF Uylesse
Big thanx to Dave and Kent at the Moose phat moose cycles, Yan and everybody at Bertrands. gmbertrand All of you have been very supportive of all our races.
Yan, don't let those non-belivers who call on the phone stray you from your faith!
Big thanx to all the check point people. You're the best!!!!
Props to Johnny for envisioning this race in January, and making it one of our best.
Oh if you already didn't pre pay for a t-shirt, your out of luck, they all got sold within two hours at the Aloha Room on Friday night. I want to make another run....maybe some hoodies. They'll look shit hot. Thanx Jacob!
Stay Tuned for Capital Punishment III coming in August. It's looking like it's going to be Mayhem

I would like to do a shout out to all the 6-6-06 races...send me pictures, links to photopages, videos and stories...


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