Monday, June 05, 2006

Word on Bill...

Bill shown on the right at Bridge Battle 2,

is recovering well and had this to say..."I'm on the mend, and out of the hospital...

I've posted a short tale of the excitement on my myspace page, if anyone's inclined to read it:

mostly I just want to tell everyone here that I'm doing well now, resting in Portland for a couple weeks before heading home to Brooklyn, and that I am eternally grateful for the outpouring of love and compassion that I've been shown in the last week. If this fucking stupid thing had to happen to me, I'm glad it happened here, where I have so many generous friends. And I thank Jeebus that my saintly girlfriend Brie was here to help me recover. She makes the blessed virgin look like a street whore. Without her I'd still be in the hospital.

Total account of injuries:

1 separated sternum
3 broken ribs
1 severed artery (left mammary....heheheheh, mammary)
1 collapsed lung, left
3 liters blood loss

1 KICKASS scar that barely misses my "Axles of Evil Bike Polo" chest tattoo

I'm planning on using the downtime to edit footage for the upcoming West Side Invite Doctumentary, which has footage of the whole god damn thing. Can't wait for the movie!!!!

lastly... I'm retired from Bike Polo. Time to be a coach. Can't think of a thing I'm better at than yelling at folk from the sideline.

Again, Thanks for all your thoughts, visits, and good wishes. I owe you all my life."

Glad to hear your better Bill.


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