Tuesday, February 14, 2006

AlleyCats all the time

Alley cat races are the heart and soul of urban street racing for messengers and those who know the thrill of racing in cities full of unpredictable traffic. If you don't already know, their are races happening all over the world and in your town. A good place to learn about races is, messengers.org this is a central hub for the street racing community, it also has an excellent archive of events from the past.

of course Ken will update you at ny bike messenger association

-Just experiencing one of these races is an excellent way to discover a city and it's bike culture. Just riding in one of these events is serious fun and weather you win or come in dfl (dead fucking last) it's really all about participating. Check out Shock Trauma in Baltimore...February 18th. or there is an upcoming race in Boston know as schlitz and giggles
February 25th, 2006.

-In other news...Amy Bolger, amazing photographer of bike related events is touring out West by bicycle and reporting about her trip on her website. amy messenger

-cranked mag is a new zine about street racing in the Northwest

February 17th is the deadline to make submissions for the bike film festival So get editing...I should talk, I'll be making a mad scramble to get a short video I made about Deathrace 2005 done by this week...EEK!


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actually the deadline for BFF submissions has been extended to feb 28!!! whoooo hooo! get crankin' anyway!

for those who need more info, go to:


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