Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A little follow up on memorial ride in Chicago

This is Isai Medina, he was a member of the Chicago bike community who loved to make wacky bikes. He was killed by a drunk driver on January 4th, 2006.
chicago critical mass

On the subsequent critical mass, the had a memorial for Isai.

found this on indymedia chicago

by Jay Pee
(No verified email address) 27 Jan 2006

"A critical mass ride ends in 3 or 4 arrests at a candlelight vigil to commemerate a bicyclist's death.
At least three, possibly four bicyclists were arrested tonight around 7:20 PM just north of Augusta on Western. A crowd of several hundred cyclists had gathered to lock a 'ghost bike' to a bike rack at the spot where a cyclist was killed by a drunk driver on January 4th. The group of bikers was so large as to spill into the street, blocking most of the lanes. Just as the bike had been installed, police began threatening to arrest people. A chant of "Whose Streets? Our Streets!" erupted, and arrests were made. TV crews from Univision, ABC, and NBC were there filming both the silent vigil and the subsequent arrests."

well, atleast NYC isn't the only one with dumb insensitive cops. Arrested at a memorial? come on.


Blogger Sucka Pants said...

no, chicago ranks pretty high up there in the "dumb insensitive cops" category too.

1:42 AM  
Blogger MH said...

yeah, really...LA is tops, but i think we have a close race for second with the windy city. keep in mind, this is the town that has installed hundreds (thousands, by now?) of surveillance cameras on corners it has deemed unsafe - usually in poor, minority neighborhoods to help increase the arrests in already shattered communities. let's not address the reasons why low-income people choose to sell drugs to a largely middle/upper class, white marketplace. let's just put 'em all in jail...that'll solve everything!

1:26 AM  

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