Monday, February 13, 2006

We dig, you dig...can you dig it!

Just before, what the main stream news made out to be the biggest story of the decade...Blizzard of 06, I was working on a new Ben Stiller movie up on 70th St. On the way to work, I passed by this window display of the DKNY store. Some marketing director/art director must have been inspired by the, "ghost bike project." Whadyathink...those unoriginal corporate types are always mining our culture for "their" hot cool sales ideas.

Meanwhile, during the Southern bound Nor-Easter that laid a whopping 26.9 inches of snow in central park, a record...yeah yeah we all know. We were up in the Catskills mountians scoping out the place where we are getting Married in August.
Funny how the mountains only got about 8 inches while down in NYC and Long Island it dumped. It was still a beautiful winter wonderland. If you are looking for a nice, funky wedding spot, that is rustic and off the beaten path, yet has full fascilities on a 100 acre nature preserve check out: full moon resort

Back in the urban jungle, a day after the storm we are forced to walk through the sludge and dig our selves out of the post-plowed streets. Somewhere in there is a bike...start diggin.

Maybe there will be less cars on the road...but it's still a slushy mess with minimal shoulder and the bike lanes made into a place for plowed icey goo.

If you've got fixed gear fever, the doctor has what your looking for. The bicycle doctor, Alex, a nice bike shop in Williamsburg is selling this sweet ride from fetish cycles

The bike is an aluminum frame, with a carbon fork. Fetish sells the frames and Alex puts them together at a basic level for about $800. They look like a nice ride, perfect for the urban street racer and bike commuter who wants that quick edge. I believe they call this frame, the position.
The bike doctor is located on 133 Grand St. between Berry and Bedford.
Here is a small write up in a blog about the Southside of Williamsburg. bike doctor I hate to play favorites but the bike doctor is a good place to get bikes and have your bike fixed. It ain't the fanciest shop, but Alex is a hard worker and after all he was in the Warriors ride as a jail bird with cool old school choppers...he's the on in the yellow hat.


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