Thursday, September 01, 2005

Volunteer ops

Times Up is an all volunteer organization dedicated to creating more bike infastructure and educating people about enviornmental issues effecting the diverse community of New York. They are a 5013c non profit organization that have exsisted for 18 years and are now residing in a great space at 49 East Houston. Time's up also sells used bikes to the community as a way of getting more people on bikes at an affordable price. Times up is losing a bit of space next door in a lot where they have stored bikes for repair and bikes to be sold. Now is the time to buy a bike. Come by to 49 East Houston St. and get involved and take a look at these bikes.

This message comes from Matthew Roth:

Hi Friends,
I hope you're well. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it
directly to you, but since January I've been working
for Norman Siegel, civil rights lawyer and former
director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, a
Democrat who is running to become the Public Advocate
for New York City. Because of Norman's record and
strength on issues, the race is much closer than
expected, and a true progressive has the chance to
unseat a wealthy, do-nothing incumbent.

Please see the issues here: norman2005

We are seeking volunteers and paid activists to staff
over 700 priority polling sites throughout the city on
September 13th, Primary day. This last connection
with voters before they cast their ballots often makes
the difference in close elections. We hope you can
devote your day, in whole or in part, to bringing a
strong new voice to city politics.

All election day workers must attend a short
orientation at the scheduled times below.

Please spread the news as widely as possible. Thank
you very much in advance, and I hope you can make it
out on September 13th!

To sign up, contact Bill Batson at 212.686.3911

Please see the attachment for more details.



260 Madison Ave. 2nd Floor
(38th/39th Streets)
Tuesday-Thursday, September 6-8th
7 pm

District Council 37
Rooms 1 and 2
125 Barclay St.
(between Greenwich and Westside Hwy.)
A/C/1/2/3 to Chambers Street
Saturday, September 10th.
1 pm

761 Washington Ave
(St. Johns/Sterling)
2/3 to Eastern Pkwy/Brooklyn Museum
Thursday, September 1st
Tuesday, September 6th
Wednesday, September 7th
7 pm

72-32 Broadway, Suite 402
Near Roosevelt Ave
7,E,F,G,R,V to Roosevelt Ave.
Wednesday, September 7th
7 pm

Location, TBD
Thursday, September 8th
7 pm


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